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Every country has its own media landscape, its own PR rules and set of laws. If you are planning an international PR campaign, you should work with local agencies if possible, as they are intimately familiar with the local cultural norms, legislation and standards. An international public relations network like GlobalCom PR Network can help tremendously, because brands work with local agencies but at a global scale.

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Many companies are still trying the simplest way to expand their Public Relations work internationally. We often see foreign one-to-one translations of US, British or Asian press releases that simply do not work in the respective local media. The companies usually have two reasons for this: either there is no one who can adequately adapt the topic to the local media landscape, or the people in charge believe that a literal translation of press texts is sufficient. But countries do not differ solely in their language; the mentality of the people and thus the reader, as well as the way in which the media and journalists tick differs depending on the nation.

Style of press information

Above all, American press releases often seem strange to e.g. German journalists, because they are often bursting with advertising slogans and superlatives. In order to make them attractive for local journalists, German PR professionals must first objectify the text and filter out the crucial information and facts.

What makes a headline message varies from country to country. For example, the media landscape in Russia relies more on lurid news than we are used to in for example the UK or Germany. The Russian PR landscape is also heavily influenced by events.

In a multi-cultural country like Malaysia, the different nations and religions play a very important role – accordingly you should be sensitive to the choice of topics and expressions.

Importance of local experts

While international PR experts are considered particularly competent in countries such as Russia, most French journalists prefer French-speaking company representatives. The interest in international and global PR topics is comparatively small in France. In general, the language barrier for expert interviews differs greatly depending on the country. We understand this.

Courting journalists

The relationship of PR agencies with journalists also varies significantly from country to country; while in some cultures offering gifts may be considered normal, in others this would elicit criticism and risk being catalogued as unprofessional.

Developing positive relationships with journalists in order to fully engage with the local media as part of an international PR campaign involves understanding the specifics of the culture, and skilfully navigating the social norms – something local PR agencies can normally do with excellent results.

Significance of individual channels

Social media is now part of the public relations remit in most nations, though its status varies from country to country. A worldwide trend is the shift to online channels. However, traditional media still have a trust advantage in some countries and circulation of newspapers and TV ratings is still very high. The mix of traditional and digital media should therefore be carefully considered in each country.

Political influence

The different PR practices are often shaped by political conditions. While India possesses what is probably the most democratic media landscape – which is not subject to any state regulation -the media in China is still being censored. This should be kept in mind, for example, when working with bloggers and journalists.

There is simply no general approach and recipe for a successful global PR campaign as the media landscapes in each country can be different and as individual as a fingerprint.

“It is our job to transport a company’s or brand’s messages to a variety of target groups via the local media in a way specifically tailored to their preferences.”

Ralf Hartmann, GlobalCom PR (Munich)

Frequently Asked Questions

More than just a network of public relations agencies from around the world, GlobalCom is a well-established organisation with strong leadership and sound managerial infrastructure that can coherently and expertly plan, manage and implement international PR campaigns.

Why do I need International PR?

There are many reasons why a company would want to embark on an international PR campaign, and what is most important depends on what your company needs to accomplish. Is your company planning to approach new sales markets?  Do you have a new office in a new locale where you want your company’s business presence to be felt?  Do you want your company fully associated with a new, international locale?  Any of these reasons would be important enough for the company to begin an international PR campaign.

More importantly, an international PR campaign is valuable to consider as the global nature of PR continues to develop and expand.  Companies often have offices all over the world and employees simultaneously working from various time zones.  International PR in this context means embarking on a PR campaign that is geographically far reaching and is inclusive of the potential markets and end users with whom your business wants to connect.

Why is international public relations important?

As companies operate and market their products globally, they need to be sensitive to political, and economical differences among nations and regions. In fact, wide variations in culture can also exist between regions within individual countries. Having a strong international public relations strategy helps you to develop an understanding of other countries and get your messaging right in all markets.

What are some of the important aspects of an international PR campaign that we may not have considered?

If we spend enough time in our own personal silos, we tend to think what we see is what everyone else sees. One of the greatest missteps we can make is to think that our personal way of thinking and doing is the same in a European, Middle or Far Eastern or African market. International PR provides perspective into how the world is, and how that may be different from how you and your company perceive the world. Press releases disseminated on a wire service are often an important part of a media campaign in the US. This is not the case in some European markets, where press releases on the wire are reserved for particular circumstances. There are also likely cultural differences in how and when to approach a journalist, given their locale. Engaging in international PR assures you that you are taking into account the particular considerations of a culture. Working with an international PR company, that is to say, a PR company out of your geography, can be a valuable culture lesson in how to conduct business away from home.

Are there some international markets that are more important than others?

Again, this is a question that is unique to your business.  Are you manufacturing mountain climbing gear? It is likely that in your initial outreach, you may wish to target places where mountain climbing is more the norm than sunbathing. Want to reach a Spanish audience about your new world headquarters in Madrid? You’d want a PR company on the ground in Spain familiar with the media who can best disseminate your news. All international markets are important; targeting the market that is important to your business is the key.

Do you have offices in all these countries?

Yes, we do have GlobalCom PR Network partner offices in these countries and we work with our local colleagues on international clients.

Are these your own offices, your people?

GlobalCom PR Network is an international company with partner offices in more that 100 countries world-wide.

Our local members and partners of GlobalCom PR Network are independent agencies and also part of the global PR organisation. This is a very effective, flexible and powerful solution for our clients who want international reach and results in all target countries at reasonable costs.

Is there a mark-up clients need to pay?

All pricing is based on local conditions. GlobalCom delivers well balanced pricing structures in regards to international campaigns. Clients benefit from even levelled pricing models when they conduct campaigns in multiple countries.

Will we need an agreement with each local agency?

GlobalCom PR Network Ltd is also offering very effective finance and administration solutions by providing clients with single points of contacts including one international agreement, central reporting for international compaigns, and central invoicing with one currency and a single transaction.

Will I have contacts with your local people?

Our local PR experts are your local contacts. One local agency can also act as the GlobalCom PR Network lead agency with a single point of contact to overlook and guide international campaigns. So there is international and local support.

Think global, act local

Keeping an overview of all country-specific features is almost impossible for PR and communications experts. If you are adopting a simple “copy and paste” from one’s own country to another you are generally wasting money. We therefore always recommend working with local experts or agencies. Collaboration with an international PR network and its local agencies builds a bridge between coordinated multi-market communication and common core messages, as well as the cultural know-how for local implementation.

Your International PR Campaign with GlobalCom

GlobalCom PR Network  has dedicated  itself to this goal and  has been working successfully with international clients for more than 15 years. Our global PR network comprises some 80 agencies that can provide local and international PR in over 100 countries worldwide.

More than 1,500 PR experts from all over the world can respond to the diverse needs of our international clients and provide a tailor-made global PR campaign when needed.

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