Kemp & Kjær

Kemp & Kjær

Kemp & Kjær is a Danish PR agency in Copenhagen with its roots in both PR for tech companies and political campaigning. The PR agency employs a group of senior PR consultants boasting significant editorial experience and thus the agency’s network at the Danish media and their joint know-how is second to none.

Specialties include PR for tech companies, stakeholder involvement, PR for premium design brands, consumer electronics, construction industry, and real estate, as well as services like interview training and crisis prevention and issues management.

Kemp & Kjær’s daily operations are based on the values “transparency”, “closeness” and “business understanding”. That creates a foundation of strong ethics, efficient collaboration both internally and externally, and the will and ability to dive into complex matters in order to represent the agency’s clients in the best way possible.


The agency was formed in 2015 by Jakob Kemp Hessellund and Mark Benfeldt Kjær, both at that time independent PR consultants. Mark was a public affairs and PR specialist having done successful election campaigns and much more. Jakob was previous CEO and co-founder of the software company Encode and was now advising other leaders of tech companies about PR.

In the beginning Jakob and Mark focused on startups and tech, and as most tech companies face a global market Kemp & Kjær decided early on to form international alliances to help the agency’s clients build awareness across borders.

The international approach has led to a number of international companies choosing Kemp & Kjær as their PR agency in Denmark. Together the small team was able to offer a wider range of services to their respective clients and decided to join forces to build an agency.

Kemp & Kjær gives you better PR.