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Palin Communications

Palin Communications is an award-winning, independent health communications agency based in Sydney, Australia. Established in 1997 by Martin Palin, Palin Communications operates exclusively in the healthcare sector.

We are Health PR reimagined. This means we focus on driving health communications in the most modern sense – developing integrated and creative communications strategies for health-focused campaigns that:

  • Advocate for patients
  • Improve health literacy in the community
  • Create platforms for important health conversations

Our clients are global leaders in public health, pharmaceuticals, consumer health, biotechnology, health services and the health-related not-for-profit sector. They are tackling serious diseases and supporting people who need it most – and we help them to do it.

Palin Communications prides itself on its leading health communications expertise, well-developed news sense and strong media and stakeholder contacts.

At the same time, we are an agency with an emphasis on culture, values, and standards to drive authenticity and purpose in our work, projects, client selection, creative processes and recruitment.

We are focused on purposeful work that drives meaningful outcomes in the health sector without compromising on what matters most to our people: professional development, learning opportunities, genuine work-life balance, equal opportunities, flexibility, respect and general good vibes.

We are more than the work we do, and we thrive because of this.