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At PR Latam Network we have worked with more than 250 brands, services or products, 100 of them listed in Fortune 500. We help companies to spark conversations that grow their businesses in seven markets in Latin America.

We have been running successful campaigns across different Latin American countries working with our associates in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica and Panama.

We start with why – understanding the client’s goals, product, services of their business and the competitive landscape. Once we comprehend the needs, we design campaigns that will resonate with the customers in each of the target audiences and markets in Latin America.

PR Latam Network understands that cultural nuances, economies and media landscapes in each country in Latin America have variations, this particularity can impact the results of PR campaigns. Localization is Key.  We believe that a one size fits all does not work for the region and doing the opposite can cause reputation harm. We know Latin America.

We work with important companies in diverse economic sector: Health, Technology, Banking and Finance, Consumer & Lifestyle, Tourism, Social Responsibility, Industry, Mining and Energy.

Our services include: consultancy and strategy, online and offline PR, P2P, B2B, B2C, BTL + trade marketing, media relations, content marketing, reputation and crisis management, social media.