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Rimon, Cohen & Co. is one of the top PR firms in Israel, established 30 years ago in Tel Aviv. We specialize in public relations, strategy, crisis and conflict management and new media, provide media consulting services to business entities from a range of sectors, including Tech corporates, both local and global, startups, VC’s, commercial companies and organizations, law firms, education organizations and NGOs.

Over the years we have worked with well-known global organizations, both local and global – Yahoo, Agoda.com, Dropbox, SAP, Fujitsu, Innogy, 3D Systems and more, as well as senior governmental people including Prime Ministers and Ministers, and we are constantly involved in many topics that are in the forefront of the Israeli agenda.

Our services includes:

One of RCPR’s fortes is crisis management experience – Crises catch those who are unprepared off-guard. Most crises can be foreseen and minimized if you work properly, and indeed, an ever-growing number of businesses and public organizations have decided that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. They consult us and build a “crisis portfolio” designed to prepare the organization for a potential crisis. We are particularly proud of the crises that stay underground and that do not come to the media’s attention or that are handled properly when they do come to the media’s attention.