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Well Done was founded in 2011 in Bulgaria with the idea of being a responsible partner of any business that needs qualitative and creative services in the fields of marketing, public relations and advertising. The agency focuses on providing full scope of PR services for clients of any size and type of business.

Considering the experience in various industries and especially in the IT sector, Well Done offers a complete portfolio of professional services, including:

  • Strategical consulting and planning
  • Media relations
  • Influencers strategy development
  • KOL & Celebrity endorsement
  • Social media strategy & management
  • Event creative & management
  • Employer branding
  • Copywriting
  • Market research
  • Design & web development
  • Trade and loyalty programs and promotions
  • POS materials design & production

Well Done is still a family run business founded by communication and marketing experts, who previously gained their experience in international companies in the EMEA region. The main values in the company are the family-like relations between the employees, strict quality control and devotion to success.

The agency is proud to have many of its customers still on board from the very beginning of the business. Well Done has done a lot of successful events with excellent media coverage. We are proud to be paid off with the most precious award – excellent customer feedback from brands like Logitech, Brother, Eaton, Philips, Tempur, Caparol and Julius Meinl.

Besides those important big corporate names, Well Done is happy to share that the team each year helps small and starting businesses to identify their communication strategy and develop healthy brand ecosystem. Their potential and growth is as precious to the agency as the big campaigns because it proves the importance of the strong and efficient communication in business.

Well Done maintains excellent relations with all major media in Bulgaria and can quickly and efficiently work the potential of the media scene, driving the needed volume of interactions and conversions.

The agency is always open to welcome new partnerships in the fields of computer technologies, customer electronics, automotive industry, and other international businesses, which demand a responsible and capable PR & communication services in Bulgaria.

Well Done’s commitment is to ensure that customers are receiving the highest level of service and to provide them with optimal conditions to grow their business while earning trust and loyalty among the clients. The extensive experience of the agency provides the benefits of the latest trends in the field.