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The increasing trend to replace fossil fuels and to abandon nuclear power by replacing it with renewable energy is one of the biggest issues our planet is facing. Uncertainty about the future of energy is a growing concern to not only industry but also our national leaders. Its impact will be felt across the entire globe as we begin to transition from the old to the new economy. There is no doubt that this is a revolutionary development and tough challenge to traditional players. But is also affords a major business opportunity to a new breed of market innovators. GlobalCom has made the transition going green more than a decade ago.

PR teams, especially in Germany, created social media platforms and activated communities with thousands of members in cleantech, renewable energy, e-mobility, sustainability, and environment. GlobalCom positioned itself as a leading PR agency with thousands of contacts to the industry, journalists, and bloggers reporting on energy and sustainability issues every day. Thus GlobalCom has become the best choice to deliver PR services to national and world-wide leaders and associations in renewable energy, e-car manufactures, green IT & electronics companies, and NGOs.

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