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Our client and market expertise includes industries such as consumer electronics and lifestyle, financial services, healthcare, information technology, renewable energy, sustainability, tourism and various technology topics. Clients vary from global brands to midsized companies and startups, either looking for public relations support in specific regions or planning to extend their reach into international markets.

Communications Consultancy

Our public relations teams support clients in developing communications strategies that will drive knowledge and understanding of their business and services amongst key influencers by providing expert PR consulting for local and global markets.

Content Marketing

Our team of experienced writers produces content for all platforms, whether online or offline. With an in-depth experience of across-industry writing articles, opinion pieces, press releases, whitepapers, web copy, sales and marketing collateral, the GlobalCom team will deliver compelling, punchy copy to support your communications.

Event Support

Press tours across Asia, the USA or Europe. Expert round tables with clients and media to discuss a hot industry topic. A well-prepared press program at a trade fair or industry event. Events are a well proven method for positioning you as a thought-leader and enabling the start of a personal dialogue with key audiences.

Media & Analyst Relations

We know the importance of understanding the lay of the land when it comes to today’s key market influencers – locally as well internationally. Insightful dialogues and maintaining healthy relationships with these stakeholders is a key aspects of our communication programmes. Our Services include: media & analyst training, daily press office, press release distribution to tailored media lists, journalists and analysts briefings etc.

Influencer marketing

Playing on the constraints and strenghts of each niche, we are able to plan and execute worldwide integrated campaigns where influencer marketing serves a pivotal role in helping organisations achieve their goals. We have the know-how, the network and the drive to do it.

Employer branding

Employer branding is all about establishing and maintaining a positive culture and a strong public reputation for organisations in order to retain their workforce but also to attract the best people in their industry.

Networking & Lobbying Support

Our Networking and Lobbying support programs at GlobalCom are based on four elements:

  1. Leveraging the Internet via content marketing and seed topics via social media, blogs, online media, forums etc.
  2. Building and managing social business communities to reach thousands of relevant contacts with the industry, media, governmental institutions, science, associations and other relevant groups and important influencers.
  3. Building and managing offline networks in order to be connected with decision makers and influential people.
  4. Organising and running stakeholder events and expert roundtables to attract high-level industry leaders, politicians, scientists, journalists, and other VIPs.

During the last few years we built one of the largest German cleantech communities and have been connecting market experts, business leaders, influencers and newcomers alike.

Digital PR Services & Marketing

As early adaptors we understand the new social media landscape, and have experience in leveraging social media to promote clients. Besides utilizing communication channels such as blogs, online communities, Twitter, digital press rooms, etc. in our PR programs we also offer Internet Marketing services including on-site and off-site analysis, SEO, keyword research and more.

Thought Leadership

By leveraging our deep understanding of the key trends and issues within various sectors of the market, we can work with you to establish your company and key spokespeople as thought leaders. We apply proven methods for topic setting and provide background support such as market and media research, providing local market insight, arranging surveys and more.

Crisis Management

From market and internal audits, strategies, and everything in between, we help organisations deal with critical situations where their public image has suffered or simply needs training and preparation. No organisation is immune to market stress and PR crises but all can prepare.

Search Marketing

In the past, there was very little overlap between public relations and search engine optimisation. Today, however, a sound PR strategy that involves digital campaigns should work in tandem with SEO in order to achieve its goals.

Market research

Whether it”s for B2B or B2C, we have a director-level team undertaking research from start to finish, to ensure our quality market research services delivers on your objectives.

You are in excellent company

We have worked with some of the best-known brands in the world to deliver results that speak for themselves. From small scale public information campaigns to cross-continent public relations and everything in between, we connect top brands with their audiences.

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“It is our job to transport a company’s or brand’s messages to a variety of target groups via the local media in a way specifically tailored to their preferences.”

Ralf Hartmann, GlobalCom PR Network (Munich)

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