Case Study: The Bosch Connect Roadshow – A Virtual Reality Experience

Bosch Connect Virtual Reality

The Brief

Bosch Automotive Steering is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of steering technology. Bosch Automotive Steering requested an innovative communications campaign from GlobalCom PR Agency Communications Consultants in Stuttgart to promote its new social enterprise platform – Bosch Connect – with Virtual Reality. The primary target audience was 3,250 associates in Swäbisch Gmünd, but alongside that, 15,000 Bosch AS employees had to be reached worldwide.

The Creative Approach

The various departments of Bosch Connect were presented with an international roadshow. The star of which was the Bosch Connect Cube, a virtual room which could be explored with Oculus Rift Virtual Reality glasses. The technology was new, exciting, multi-lingual, portable and crowd-friendly (the tour took just 10 minutes meaning everyone had the chance to experience it). The Virtual Reality experience piqued the interest of associates with an interest in new technologies. Additionally, Bosch employees were invited to create a profile picture and activate their Bosch Connect Account at the end of the Virtual Reality experience.

The Results

  • 40% of the primary target audience in Swäbisch Gmünd experienced the Bosch Connect Cube. 25% created a profile picture, opening a new account with Bosch Connect.
  • 80% of the Bosch AS employees created a profile on Bosch connect.
  • Impressed with the roadshow, the Bosch Connect Cube was subsequently adapted for Bosch-wide use.

The Goals of the international Roadshow Kick-off

  • To make 3,250 associates familiar with Bosch Connect at SgmP
  • To raise awareness about the tool Bosch Connect and the underlying social business principles
  • To form an image of Bosch Connect as an innovative, collaborative tool and to promote its key message „Cooperate. Communicate. Create.“
  • To access the information independently from time and location
  • To increase the active use of Bosch Connect among the target audience (starting with a profile picture)
  • To transport the complex information within an average time span of ten minutes
  • To use the campaign internationally
  • To integrate the new Bosch corporate identity
  • To deliver the final Bosch Connect Cube on time and on budget while meeting all quality requirements

The challenges regarding the Bosch Connect communication

  • To gather and select information of different sources and in different channels and to create a single user experience
  • To reach a target group without experience regarding Bosch Connect or general social business principles
  • To overcome the target group’s high saturation regarding communication initiatives
  • To reflect the high importance of Bosch Connect as a tool for social business
  • To reach a international and heterogenic target group

How did we achieve it?

  • Creating a portable 3D visualization as a virtual tour through Bosch Connect Presenting complex facts in a visually appealing, informative and entertaining manner
  • Using latest Virtual Reality technology to utilize the target audience’s interest in technological innovation
  • Making the 3D experience available in English and German
  • Using the Virtual Reality presentation at the locations as a visitor magnet but also ensuring long-term use by offering a web-based version of the Cube Accompanying the Roadshow with different measures such as the glass container featuring an eye-catching campaign visual

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