Road in Argentina with red rock mountains in the back

GlobalCom’s market barometer: Argentina. Why it’s an excellent country for investments and business

This week, the GCPR-Blog team talked to Luciana Bugni, Associated Director of Espósito Marketing in Buenos Aires, partner of the international GlobalCom PR Network.* Which industries/markets are booming at the moment in Argentina? I…
Executives face to face, Challenges

The #hashtag of the Miracle and the 2011 Argentinian elections

The latest comment for the German PR magazine PR Report was provided by Ana Laura Espósito from Espósito Marketing, GlobalCom PR-Network partner in Argentina. The article was published in the October issue of the magazine (see image). This…
Argentina - Buenos Aires

Sociable Argentina – Bloggers and social media are important to PR

Known to be very sociable and outgoing most Southern American regions welcomed Social Media with open arms. In Argentina the relationship-building and maintenance to bloggers and the monitoring of blogs and other social media meanwhile account…