In our current series about the influence of social and digital media in their daily PR work the GCPR Blog team talked to Jacques Lechat, managing partner of GlobalCom PR Network’s partner PR agency in Belgium.*

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In the first part of the interview with PR expert Wilma Schippers we talked about the use of social media in Belgian PR. In the second part we will discuss the basic regional differences and special requirements on PR in Belgium.

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Read in today’s series of Global PR Perspectives how Social Media is being used in Belgium* and how being creative even helps to elicit editors out of their offices. We talked to Wilma Schippers, consultant of the agency PR-Consult in Brussels. Read more

Team PR Consult December 2008GlobalCom has been growing steadily over the last couple of months – if you just read the posts on this blog you will see that we could win excellent new partner agencies for our network. But there was still one important gap to fill – and this gap was right in the center of Europe! Ongoing negotiations turned out to be successful, though: PR Consult is our new partner in Brussels (Belgium).

Winning this new partner was almost like getting married: We had the first flirts over the phone some months ago, and after a while Jacques Lechat, Managing Partner at PR Consult, decided to “meet the family” in Milano. That obviously went well, and after a final visit of GlobalCom Directors Ralf Hartmann and Robert Nyström in Brussels things were set.. Read more