Public Link – Our new brand identity

16 years of Public Link is occasion enough to break new ground. Especially when we are always encouraging companies, brands and people to try something new. As a public relations agency we aspire to break down the old, creating new topics,…
Go big, or go home

‘Bland’ Kills Brands: Here’s How to Find Your Voice

When the beaten and weary buzzword of “innovative” comes up, it’s inevitable that tech companies come to mind first. Whether we’re talking about 3D printing or the cloud, social or mobile networks, tech businesses are the ones that are…
Cyprus PR Agencies

Branding Cyprus: from the Cyprus problem to Marcos Baghdatis

Nicholas Karides, director of ampersand communications in Cyprus, writes regurlarly for the Cyprus Sunday Mail. This week he has written an article about branding a country with the help of a successful young Cypriotic tennis player. Branding…