I ‘Gram Therefore I Am: Instagram for Marketers

This post was first published by Hailey Melamut on March Communications' blog M+PR Nonsense. As a self-proclaimed Instagram aficionado (shameless plug to follow me @haileymelamut), I spend more time than I care to admit thinking of aesthetically-pleasing…

3 Ways Brands Can Use Instagram Direct for PR

This post was first published by Hanah Johnson on March Communications' blog PR Nonsense. New social media channels always mean new potential opportunities for PR agencies. Last week, we saw the rise of Instagram Direct. It’s essentially…

Instagram. $1 Billion. Really?

This post was first published by Martin Joneson March Communications blog, PR Nonsense. Today's news that Facebook is buying Instagram for $1 Billion in cash and stock left me somewhat baffled... and with a growing sense of deja vu. What's…