Person watching youtube on a tablet

YouTube Growing as a News Outlet, according to a Pew Research Center study

What was the last search you conducted on YouTube? As today’s third most popular online destination with more than 72 hours of video uploaded every minute, there’s certainly plenty of content to choose from. But, while my last search was…
Person watching youtube on a tablet

TV is so Last Year

Not that we really needed any further confirmation that this Internet thing is a real game changer, but hey - statistics are fun! But actually, this particular stat is quite intriguing. According to some new research from Forrester, Americans…
Person watching youtube on a tablet

Net Neutrality: Not So Neutral Anymore

The future fate of the Internet took a giant step forward today when the federal appeals court ruled in favor of Comcast Corporation that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) does not have the authority “to require broadband providers…