This post was first published by Meredith L. Eaton on March Communications’ blog PR Nonsense. There are three ways for B2B tech PR agencies to make clear their clients' value propositions.

When bringing a new product or service to market, a fundamental part of any company’s campaign plan is to identify the key value propositions or explanations of what benefits you’re providing, for whom and how they’re unique. These are not only crucial for sales teams or when you’re seeking VC funding, but also for PR. Value propositions are what B2B tech PR agency teams hang their hat on for collateral development like press releases and blog posts, as well as influencer outreach for media or analyst pitches. They are what matter to press, customers, partners, prospects and investors alike – all of which will see the results of PR efforts. But, when developing value props, companies need to go beyond just explaining the benefits to incorporate three key elements that help strengthen the benefits: Read more

This post was first published by Blake Snelling on March Communications’ blog PR Nonsense.

Over the past week, we’ve studied a few different kinds of tech product launch strategies. Today, we decided to take a look at how Microsoft launched the XBOX One.

The gaming console was unveiled in May 2013 as an “all-in-one entertainment system,” boasting features for the whole family. Unfortunately, the gaming system’s advertising strategy had an undeniably rocky start.

Along with the usual launch event that was live-streamed on the XBOX On site, Microsoft tried something new by sending out a pre-launch letter. Though intended to be a lighthearted letter to one’s spouse, critics all over Twitter interpreted it as more sexist than humorous. Yikes. Read more

European Cyber Security Challenge

Pitching the press is a key tool in the set of PR services, but what if your client doesn’t have any news announcements or product releases? This is a dilemma that many in the PR industry face, but, luckily, there are creative ways around this issue. For instance, capitalizing on current events and relating them to your clients’ expertise, products or services is a great way to engage the media and keep up a steady stream of news and thought leadership.

Some events, like the Olympics or Christmas, you can plan for in advance, but, for others, there’s no advance warning whatsoever. Last year, in Boston, hurricane Irene proved to be an opportunity that many public relations firms attempted to leverage on behalf of their clients – perhaps in terms of IT disaster preparedness or backup and data recovery procedures. And then, again, just last week, the transformer fire that left the Back Bay without power for nearly a week presented a similar opportunity. Read more