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What’s the best way to sell to telecoms operators?

Vendors are facing some of the toughest trading conditions ever. It has never been so difficult to ‘sell’ to operators. It’s not just uncontrollable macro-economic factors that are frustrating vendor sales and marketing efforts. The manner…
Evidence, Clues, Traces, Footprint

Demand evidence and think critically!

Like the spurious claims companies make about being “innovative”, of which I’ve written much before, there are plenty of organisations that claim to be “thought leaders”. But how can you tell if they really are? Because they say so?…
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Social Media Has Entered Telecom

Social media permeates nearly every aspect of our waking life – Facebook connects us to our friends, LinkedIn directs us to career contacts, Foursquare locates our favorite eating spots etc. Now, social media is conquering yet another consumer…