Successfully Launching a Blog

4 Building Blocks of a Successful Blog Launch

As the unofficial “cruise director” for my family, I’ve planned everything from birthday parties to Disney World vacations – and yes, it involves a spreadsheet. How else are you going to coordinate our nearly 20-person clan? Needless…
Wordpress front page

The Pros & Cons of Social Media Tools: Tumblr

There are so many social media tools out there, it’s hard to know what is what, and what is for what. For me Tumblr is one of those tools. I’ve heard it in passing a lot, but never really used it myself. That’s why Brenna Ehrlich’s article…
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BlogDash: Blogger Outreach Made Easy

For PR consultants, pitching bloggers often requires a lot more research into whose who and what topics are applicable to whom in order to get your clients story picked up in the blogosphere. But even after sifting through all the information…
Effective tools to evaluate bloggers

How to Attract Visitors to Your Blog (2010)

The blogosphere is rapidly growing, there’s no doubting that. Way back in 2006, Technorati tracked its 50 millionth blog and found that the blogosphere is doubling about once every six and a half months with 175,000 new blogs being created…