World-famous tools for online events

Choosing the online format for corporate meetings and large conferences has many advantages. The geographical issue disappears and it becomes absolutely unimportant in which cities all the participants of such an event will be located. This allows you to save on business trips for employees and speakers and attracts new partners who previously could not get to the conference venue due to the lack of time, high cost or a significant distance. “Online” greatly facilitates the format of the event: so all participants can be on time at their computers, and there is no need to follow a strict dress code while not suffering the main thing-content. Due to the use of audio and video modes, your audience will be able to perfectly assimilate the broadcast material. Finally, now many platforms allow you to automatically save the desired content which saves you from the hassle of transmitting information to everyone after the fact. Specialists of the Communication Agency 4D (Russia) have prepared the presentation of the world-famous tools for online events.

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New formats that will help to make your online events more interesting

In the context of a pandemic, a number of people experience tremendous stress. Borders are already closed, vacations and plans are disrupted and information storm is constantly attacking. A corporate event will help your employees to distract themselves, relieve anxiety, see each other, unite and ultimately increase their productivity. We are sure that this will benefit your company. Specialists of the Communication Agency 4D have prepared several options for organizing the remote corporate events.

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This post was first published by Melissa Drozdowski on Interprose’s blog, Interprose Voice.

You’ve secured your venue, lined up an array of amazing speakers, and executed a brilliant promotional campaign. Now what? What else could you possibly do to shine the spotlight down on your event, webinar, or press conference? Is there even anything left that might help you gain that extra oomph needed to really put your event campaign over the top?

You bet there is. You can live tweet.

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ITB Berlin

Not a premiere, but still exciting: GlobalCom PR-Network was represented with its own booth at ITB Berlin, the biggest tourism trade fair worldwide! Four participating agencies went to see the world: Claudia Wittwer from GlobalCom PR-Network Germany, Luc Malcorps from Outsource Marketing and Communications (Belgium), Daniel Chardon from Chardon Communications (Switzerland) and Velibor Zolak from AMC Communications (Montenegro), all members of the tourism task force within the network, presented GlobalCom to airlines, hotel chains and destinations.

Little obstacles put in our way – the public transport was on strike and there was heavy snowfall right on the first day of ITB – did not keep us away from making about 50 meetings with companies and organizations like Kempinski Hotels, Regione Piemonte, National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro, Abu Dhabi National Corporation for Tourism and Hotels and many more. The follow-up of these meetings is still in progress, but some of the meetings were quite promising. Read more

Meta - reflection

Together with Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, Ralf Hartmann, Shareholder and Board Director of the Brussels-based GlobalCom PR-Network NV, attended the festivities of the 2007 Bavarian award for entrepreneurs in Munich.

This award honours managers who rendered outstanding services to the creation and retention of jobs. The jury set a high value on companies that are both local and site-specific, social, family-friendly, fit for the future and economically successful. The award went to the South Germany-based company Baufritz. They finance an ideally equipped day nursery with a large outside area close to nature, enabling employees to combine job and family.

The special award went to the internationally operating TV manufacturer Loewe AG (Kronach). The company managed to master serious business problems and to become “Turnarounder of the year 2006” in Germany. Especially remarkable: the Loewe management paid back the wage renunciations by the employees with a 25 percent return.

“We appreciate the award for entrepreneurs who are aware of their social responsibility, who fulfil their role-model function and manage their company accordingly,” said Ralf Hartmann. “Exemplary companies operate honestly and sustainably beyond the legal requirements.”


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