World-wide partner meeting taking place in Brussels, Belgium in May 2007

Together with Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, Ralf Hartmann, Shareholder and Board Director of the Brussels-based GlobalCom PR-Network NV, attended the festivities of the 2007 Bavarian award for entrepreneurs in Munich.

This award honours managers who rendered outstanding services to the creation and retention of jobs. The jury set a high value on companies that are both local and site-specific, social, family-friendly, fit for the future and economically successful. The award went to the South Germany-based company Baufritz. They finance an ideally equipped day nursery with a large outside area close to nature, enabling employees to combine job and family.

The special award went to the internationally operating TV manufacturer Loewe AG (Kronach). The company managed to master serious business problems and to become “Turnarounder of the year 2006” in Germany. Especially remarkable: the Loewe management paid back the wage renunciations by the employees with a 25 percent return.

“We appreciate the award for entrepreneurs who are aware of their social responsibility, who fulfil their role-model function and manage their company accordingly,” said Ralf Hartmann. “Exemplary companies operate honestly and sustainably beyond the legal requirements.”


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