Jukka_FinlandTwo weeks ago Sergej Trofimenko from Russia reported on trends influencing PR and media in 2013. This week we will take a look on Northern and Northeastern Europe:

Jukka Laikari offers a short glance at impressions from Finland…  Read more

The GCPR-Blog team talked to Jukka Laikari co-founder of the IFPR Finland, the member of GlobalCom in Finland.

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The May issue of the German PR magazine PR Report issued a comment by GlobalCom partner Jukka Laikari. German speaking reader can check out the comment issued in the magazine (see image). In  addition Jukka provided his English comment draft for our blog readers.

With a population of about 45 million, a well-educated, low-wage workforce, rich agricultural land, infrastructure linking to Europe and Russia, and vast mineral and potential energy resources, Ukraine has all the potential to become one of the economic bellwethers.

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In part 1 of out Finland interview Jukka Laikari explained why Finnish editors are practically rooted at their desks these days and how creative PR agencies can work with and profit from this situation and other current trends. Today we learn more about the Finnish media landscape and some general practices companies should adopt for successful PR in Finland. Read more

Finland is the country where Angry Birds, Linux, sms-messages and Nokia were born. It is a country of woods, 1500 km of Russian border, over 100 000 lakes and 5.3 million people living on an area which is close to the size of France. Read today, if and how these facts influence the way PR is done up here.

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