As a third culture kid, currently living in Sweden, here is a list of things that are different in Sweden from what I have experienced in other countries.


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Umea, Sweden

Today our series features Henrik Sjöbert of Springtime, GlobalCom PR Network partner in Sweden, who gives us some insights into “Tops and Flops” in the Swedish market.*


PR topics: tops and flops – what works best in your market?

These are quite interesting times for B2B companies. It is now fair to conclude that nothing sells itself anymore. The times where suppliers could rely only on outstanding quality are gone. Soft factors (service, business insight, adaptability) are the global deciding factors for companies choosing a supplier today. Add to that the interesting fact that the majority of purchasing decisions are made without even meeting or talking to the supplier.

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Jan von Baumgarten-Ståhlberg from GlobalCom’s partner Comvision in Stockholm provided the latest comment for PR Report magazine. The article was published in the surrent issue of the magazin (see image). Here’s the English original version of his comment:

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In the first part of the interview Swedish PR expert Jan Ståhlberg reported on current trends such as Social Media and personalised press releases. Today he explains why it wouldn’t be recommendable to invite Swedish editors for dinner meetings and why one tends to find a completely different staff in editorial offices in summer than in the rest of the year.

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Sweden GlobalCom PR

In our PR series today Swedish PR expert Jan Ståhlberg, shares some insights on current local PR and communications trends in the land of elks and IKEA. Read more