JukkaThis week we take a look at a market which is still a bit of a mystery to most European and non-Europeans alike. Jukka Laikari, who supports PR clients in the Ukrainian PR market since 2008, describes his impressions of 2013 in the Ukraine:

1. How did the global recession affect the demand for PR in the Ukraine in 2013?

Ukraine is a 45 million people emerging market. It is often said that it is the one big market in Europe with the least competition between brands and product offerings. Therefore it is still possible for new companies in this region or smaller players to win a reasonable market share and use PR as a very effective tool.

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The May issue of the German PR magazine PR Report issued a comment by GlobalCom partner Jukka Laikari. German speaking reader can check out the comment issued in the magazine (see image). In  addition Jukka provided his English comment draft for our blog readers.

With a population of about 45 million, a well-educated, low-wage workforce, rich agricultural land, infrastructure linking to Europe and Russia, and vast mineral and potential energy resources, Ukraine has all the potential to become one of the economic bellwethers.

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