“PR agencies have an essential and positive role to play in environmental sustainability education and campaigning”, says Spreckley Partners’ MD, Richard Merrin.

As part of its wider mission to promote clients working towards a safe, sustainable, and equitable world for all, Spreckley PR has launched a new, dedicated clean and greentech PR division. The new practice is set to build on recent campaign successes for clients such as Klein Vision’s AirCar, the Resilient Cities Network, and UFODRIVE.  “The climate crisis is an imminent threat – and PR agencies have a positive role to play in environmental sustainability education and campaigning,” says  Merrin. “We also have an instrumental role in shaping consumer opinion, and therefore business action and Government policy – and so it is essential we do good work for the world.”

For further information on the new Spreckley Partners offering, please visit this page.

Green PR Practices

With the dedicated new practice area Spreckley Partners joins the growing number of GlobalCom PR Network member agencies with PR teams focused on supporting clients from markets such as Renewable Energy technology and sustainability related offerings.

“The Munich based team was one of the earliest to launch a “green PR” division on 2006 – together with our online magazine CleanEnergy-Project”, explains Ralf Hartmann, a Board Director of GlobalCom PR Network.

Clients of the global PR and communications organization include pv module and solar energy brands, specialists for energy storage such as BYD or Green Cell, Green Hydrogen experts such as H-TEC SYSTEMS, full service providers such as IBC SOLAR and many more.

Sustainability becomes a strategic necessity

In addition to clients from the classic cleantech market there is also a growing number of clients with offerings dedicated to making business processes more sustainable. “One such example is our client BuyBay”, explains Wibke Sonderkamp, head of the Munich based GlobalCom PR-Network team. “The successful scale-up headquartered in the Netherlands is focused on making e-commerce processes more sustainable by finding new buyers for every returned item. This is a perfect example for a customer for whom PR plays an essential role in educating the market and showing that a sustainable approach can also be the most profitable one.”

Sustainability has come a long way from being a nice topic for starry-eyed idealists. Today it becomes a strategic necessity for more and more businesses. The pressure on companies to be more socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable are mounting. Consumers and shareholders expect more than mere lip service – they want demonstrated commitment. This needs market education and communication support.