This post was originally published by Laurie Davis on the Interprose Voice blog.

From education opportunities to new business contacts, conferences can be of immense value to you with the proper planning and execution. However, there is no way around it – attending a conference is expensive. From the hotel, to food, to exhibiting, to the conference registration alone, it adds up quickly. All the more reason to make sure you get the most value out of attending a conference.

Here are some quick tips for before, during, and after to maximize your conference experience.

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Christian Science Monitor

Cybersecurity Publication, Passcode The Christian Science Monitor recently launched its new publication, Passcode, which will cover digital security and privacy in today’s hectic technology age. Thanks to the Publicity Club of New England, the March Communications team had the opportunity to meet with members of the Passcode editorial team on a snowy February night here in Boston, where we got a glimpse into their backgrounds, interests, and vision for the publication.

Some of Passcode’s new editorial team have been writing for the Christian Science Monitor for years. After seeing an uptick in stories on cybersecurity, breaches, and digital privacy, largely covered by trade and business press, they realized the opportunities in that space. Thus, Passcode was born, right here in Boston. Read more

Wonder Sparks, Lights magic

There are a number of tactics that public relations professionals use to establish clients as thought- leaders, including running influencer relations and contributed content campaigns. But another important element that helps our clients stand out is maintaining targeted and thorough speaking and awards programs. Speaking programs allow clients the opportunity to present at industry events and elevate their presence beyond just “event attendees,” instead joining the ranks of star-studded headliners.

But securing these slots isn’t always easy. There are four critical best practices that help make a business stand out.

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This post was first published by Megan Grobert on March Communications’ blog PR Nonsense.

Last Monday, my colleague, Marcus LaRobardiere, and I attended the Pub Club’s Technology PR panel discussion, hosted by PAN Communications.

The panelists discussed trends that influence coverage, what classifies as actually newsworthy, what reporters want and need, and the best way to approach and pitch a reporter.

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This post was first published by Hanah Johnson on March Communications’ blog, PR Nonsense, and may be viewed here.

While summer draws to a close, speaking season is rising in full-swing. Although the majority of upcoming conferences are slated for early 2013, PR-pros are gearing up early to get those calls for papers in. Winning a speaking slot at a world-renowned conference is no easy task – consider RSA’s annual security conference, which last year received thousands of submissions, accepting less than one out of five! Read more

Mobile World Congress 2014

Last week, while at NAB in Las Vegas, the trade show floor was bustling with the usual hype around new trends, announcements and innovations. With more than 90,000 attendees, NAB is often regarded as one of the largest trade shows in the world, and certainly the largest for the digital media sector. With so much to see and do, such a large trade show can quickly become exhausting and a bit overwhelming. To make the experience easier, however, there are a few handy apps that help take care of some of the more tedious trade show tasks and leave you free to focus on networking, business development and lead generation. Read more


A couple weeks ago, I attended a low key event in NYC and wrote about the benefits of smaller conferences. Well, just last week, I had quite the opposite experience as I attended Interop NY, one of the biggest tech trade shows around, to support several clients. And, while it was entirely exhausting and a bit too jam-packed at times, there were definitely advantages of attending this large conference. I’ve compiled a list below for your convenience.

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According to PR pros the answer is no.  According to some media the answer is yes.

For about 50% of our clients the only way we can get face to face meetings with influencers is at trade shows and conferences.   Because some of our client’s management teams are based in the UK or Europe, they can kill two birds with one stone when crossing the pond to participate in the conference.

The approach we take is to first make sure our client has something compelling to say and if we are smart, we’ve already been working with them on the message – whether it’s a new product release, new research findings, interesting take on today’s trends etc.  Next is to work on the timing as we all know releasing “news” at some conferences and trade shows is useless as it will get lost.  Often it’s better to release beforehand and use the news to suggest a meeting at the conference to go in to more detail.  You could also preview research findings (under embargo) …as we are embarking on for two clients at Interop. Read more