A couple weeks ago, I attended a low key event in NYC and wrote about the benefits of smaller conferences. Well, just last week, I had quite the opposite experience as I attended Interop NY, one of the biggest tech trade shows around, to support several clients. And, while it was entirely exhausting and a bit too jam-packed at times, there were definitely advantages of attending this large conference. I’ve compiled a list below for your convenience.

More Networking Opportunities – at larger events, there are bound to be more companies and perspective customers for your clients to interact with. Set your clients free to browse the show floor and do their thing – who knows, if they make a good connection that becomes a customer, that could mean more PR budget! Also – these events are great opportunities to network on behalf of your clients. As their PR agency, you know your clients’ messaging and key selling points just as well and can help attract prospects to their booth.

More Interviews and Briefings – the bigger trade shows tend to attract more press and analysts, which if pitched or briefed properly, means more coverage for your client! As many companies put out press releases or news at events like these, it’s always great to generate the biggest “splash” possible to help boost awareness and exposure.

Competitor Comparisons – as long as your client is confident in their product or service, there’s no need to cringe when you see their biggest competitors at a booth just a few rows down. This can provide the perfect opportunity for people to really compare similar products and see how they differ and whose best. It’s also great to inspire press who are on site to do a bake off or review between your client and their competitors.

Social Events – for trade shows that last a couple days or more, there are generally some pretty good social events, whether sponsored or spontaneous, where people can mingle in a more low-key setting and network over a glass of wine or cold beer. After a long day of panel sessions and trolling the expo floor, everyone is usually keen to relax and talk more comfortably – and they’re generally a lot of fun too!

What other advantages have you or your clients seen from attending large trade shows?


This post was first published by Meredith L. Eaton on March Communications’ blog, PR Nonsense.