We live in a digital age where we have to be aware of the many cyber risks that surround us. We have to be prepared for when our cyber security systems fail to protect us – because they will fail from time to time. In 2012, the personal information and credit card information of 77 million online users of Sony’s PlayStation were hacked. LinkedIn had 6.5 million encrypted passwords published on a Russian webpage where the hacker asked for help to crack the codes. These are large-scale examples but cyber risks are nonetheless issues that companies have to be prepared for. Because if a cyber-attack happens, the company leaders will be perceived as incompetent and unable to control their businesses, regardless of the fact that the company is the victim of a crime.

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If you know just a little about Danish culture, you have probably heard of the Law of Jante. For several decades, this law was practiced indirectly, while the Danes pretended to actually practice the opposite… Today, a different set of rules apply.

Danish flag

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LarsJorgensen_DenmarkLars Jørgensen, gives his view on the strategic PR field. The Danish PR business is on the right track in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, he says.

1. How did the global recession affect the demand for PR in Denmark in 2013?

The financial crisis was hard on many Danish Companies. And of course, this was reflected on their use of consultancy. 2013 was the year in which it began to turn around and move forward – for the Danish companies and therefore also for the consultancy business. Especially the last six months of 2013 have been much more positive than we have seen for a long time and we can watch a growth in the field again. Read more

During a regular workday, thousands of complaints are sent to financial ombudsmen across Europe. Consumers are frustrated, employees distressed, and resources are spent unnecessarily on obtaining a good relationship between provider and consumer. But maybe we can bring down the number of complaints by communicating differently.

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This week we talked to Mikael Baden, Communications Advisor at Jøp, Ove & Myrthu about the latest market trends in Denmark*.

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Part 1 of our interview with Danish PR expert Jess Myrthu covered the growing appetite for Online PR, Social Media and other alternatives to traditional PR. In part 2 Jess Myrthu explains how PR practices in Denmark differ from other regions and what companies planning to do successful PR in Denmark should keep in mind. Read more

Today our PR series is visiting Denmark. According to the map we posted some weeks ago, many people associate “Danish” with nice pastry. In PR the little Nordic country has developed a taste for Online communication, Social Media and other alternatives to classical PR as Jess Myrthu reports. Read more