2014 has already started and our blog series continues to question our PR teams around the world on their view of 2013 developments. This week Wibke Sonderkamp of the Munich based GlobalCom PR Network team answers the 3 questions of the interview series:

     How did the global recession affect the demand for PR in Germany in 2013?

Overall we noticed a growing demand for multi-market PR in 2013. Many clients are looking for a mix of central management with local execution by teams with local market knowledge. Read more

CleantechParliamentary elections in Germany are over – but the big issues are still there, such as the “Energiewende”, just to mention one example. It was widely discussed, but especially during the past couple of months reduced to the topics of electricity prices. Undeniably an important topic, but other equally relevant issues have been neglected at the same time. Read more


Today our series features Daniel Pohl from 360Concept, a GlobalCom PR Network partner in Germany, who gives us some insights into “Tops and Flops” in the German market.


PR topics: tops and flops – what works best in your market?

Our PR Agency is strongly committed to high-tech and sustainable management topics. Therefore market knowledge and technology know-how is key for our PR work. Understanding where the customers are communicating along the value chain helps to avoid PR wastage. A producer of solar modules that might directly be accessible for end-customers and installers do have different needs in PR and communications than, for example, a supplier of high-tech machinery. A further trump card we can play is our market research background. We do not “stab around in the dark”; we rely on proven primary-data for each communication challenge. In a nutshell: speak the customers’ language, understand the customers’ needs and rely on your market knowledge – this will bring you success.

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Today, for our series on the influence of digital and social media, we spoke to Wibke Sonderkamp, from the Munich-based agency GlobalCom PR Network.

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In this week’s issue of the market barometer series the GCPR-Blog team talked to Ralf Hartmann, Co-Founder of the international GlobalCom PR Network and Managing Director of the German GlobalCom PR-Network GmbH.*

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In part 1 of the interview* with PR specialist Wibke Sonderkamp we learned about current trends and changes in the German media landscape and PR practices. Part 2 of the interview takes a look at cultural differences and local PR specifics companies should keep in mind for their PR initiatives in Germany. Read more

Today our global PR Reach series* is visiting Germany where PR consultant Wibke Sonderkamp is providing insight into current trends and developments in the German media landscape and PR practices before telling us about cultural gaps and clients who had to be re-animated with some excellent German beer after their first encounter with the shockingly outspoken German press in part 2 of the interview. Read more