Find below a series of interviews with GlobalCom members regarding international PR, news about localisation challenges and other useful information on reaching global audiences through public relations.


Czech Republic

The Czech Republic becomes more and more attractive for international companies and as a gateway to the East

The demand for professional PR support by local PR consulting experts in the Czech Republic is growing as Eastern Europe becomes an increasingly attractive market for international companies. Learn more about current communication trends in…

Efficient ultilization of online channels to reach Finnish media and readers (Global PR Perspectives)

Finland is the country where Angry Birds, Linux, sms-messages and Nokia were born. It is a country of woods, 1500 km of Russian border, over 100,000 lakes and 5.3 million people living on an area which is close to the size of France. Read today,…

Traditional media still dominate the Japanese market but new communication channels are catching up (Global PR Perspectives)

This week our series on international PR will visit Japan. Tadahisa Kimura, General Manager at GlobalCom’s partner agency Kyodo Public Relations in Tokyo, informs about current trends in media and PR in Japan. Online and social media are becoming…

Global PR Perspectives – In Germany journalists are “brutally honest” and have a very low “marketing bullshit tolerance” (part 2)

In part 1 of the interview* with PR specialist Wibke Sonderkamp we learned about current trends and changes in the German media landscape and PR practices. Part 2 of the interview takes a look at cultural differences and local PR specifics companies…

Global PR Perspectives – In Germany journalists are “brutally honest” and have a very low “marketing bullshit tolerance” (part 1)

Today our global PR Reach series* is visiting Germany where PR consultant Wibke Sonderkamp is providing insight into current trends and developments in the German media landscape and PR practices before telling us about cultural gaps and…

Global PR Perspectives – “You have to think French to do successful PR in France”

Welcome to the first part of our interview series providing insight into PR trends and local differences in PR practices from more than 20 countries*. Learn why you have to think French in order to do successful PR in France, how to get time…