Art Nouveau architecture, vivid culture life, singing, amber and ice-hockey are probably the main things you could imagine when thinking about Latvia. Without a doubt, it’s all true. And here are some more facts you can spare for your next small talk with Latvian or anybody interested in the topic. Latvians love gardening and has very close bond with nature. If you can go around all the country within 24 hours (tested by myself), then you can imagine, how close everything is. Working in a city centre during days and lying in the evening sun on your country house porch is a common thing. Majority have summer cottage, country house or at least relatives living in farm. So we grow our vegetables there or in the worst case scenario on the windowsill of city’s apartment. Latvians also pick mushrooms and berries in the woods, gather herbal teas in meadows or grow them by themselves.

Latvia has one of the fastest internet connections in the world; you can access free Wi-Fi almost wherever you go. Latvians love black bread. From ancient times we have baked it at home and now many of us are getting back to their roots and baking the bread again.

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AntraSavlevica_LatviaThis week to take a look at the Baltics. Our colleague Antra from Latvia shares her insights into recent changes and developments in 2013:

1. How did the global recession affect the demand for PR in Latvia in 2013?

In 2013 communication industries, including PR, started to feel an upward trend again. Mainly that was caused by two reasons – firstly, increased activity and income in various business sectors and industries. Secondly, due to several major changes which are about to happen in Latvia next year: opening of the energy market, joining the Euro Zone and Riga becoming the 2014 Culture Capital of Europe. Read more

Within our current PR blog series, we talk to the PR-experts of our partner agencies about the “Tops and Flops” of their daily PR work in their market. Today’s contribution comes from Vita Savicka, Director of our partner agency in Latvia, Baltics Communication Partners.

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For our interview series, the GCPR-Blog team talked to Antra Savlevica, Project, Director at GlobalCom PR Network member agency Baltic Communication Partners, about the latest trends in the Latvian and Baltic markets.*

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In part 1 of the interview our PR expert Vita Savicka talked about current trends and influences on PR practices in Latvia. Part 2 deals with general regional differences and special requirements for PR in the Baltic state.

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In our interview PR expert Vita Savicka explains how the financial crisis influenced PR practices in Latvia, she talks about the evolution of the local media landscape and general local differences in PR practices. Read more