Within our current PR blog series, we talk to the experts from our partner PR agencies about the “Tops and Flops” of their daily PR work in their market. Today’s contribution comes from Vita Savicka, Director of our partner PR agency in Latvia, Baltics Communication Partners.

PR topics: tops and flops – what works best in your market?

Product news are a difficult issue for PR agencies, because media quite often expect those news to be complemented by advertisement. To achieve successful coverage the product news has to be linked with expert comments, explanation of trends in the market, research done in society etc. This way we deliver the best value for both editors and readers as well as for our clients.

How important is industry expertise in your daily PR work?

It is very important to have expertise in the industry you address, especially for projects with specific targets, for example lobbying of interests of industry from company side; entrance in the market; strategic consultations etc. Experience in the industry helps to develop a more effective communication strategy and to choose or create more effective tools to achieve the communication goals. Market research can help, of course, but raw data can’t replace industry knowledge.

Are integrated international PR programs beneficial for your work?

Networks and the ability to work in different markets are benefits for PR agencies in Latvia. We suggest to our clients to trust local agencies because more effective work is done if agencies adapt international strategies to local needs. As Baltic countries are small in meaning of population as well as the amount of mass media, there are quite a lot of differences in the media landscape in comparison to other countries.  On one side, we work in projects that are quite different from international programs where we develop local strategies, on the other side we have projects that have strong support and guidelines from the client or an international PR coordinator agency.