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How Vietnamese and American PR practitioners perceive the use of social media in crisis communication

In Vietnam, social media has become one of the most popular communication platforms. Despite the powerful effect of social media in conditioning a crisis, and the trend to integrate social media into crisis management strategies in many countries, Vietnamese…
Founding Fathers, Statues, America, Democracy

USA 2013: Big Data and IT security drive PR demand

Today Tom Rice answers the three questions about Media and PR impressions in 2013 that we asked our PR consultants around the world from the perspective of a US PR specialist specializing in B2B technology PR and general B2B markets: 1.    …
Denmark - boats and people by the river

Denmark 2013: Strategic Communication on the Right Track

Lars Jørgensen gives his view on the strategic PR. The Danish PR business is on the right track in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, he says. This is a short interview meant to scope out some local views regarding public relations…
Bridge in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil 2013: Growing PR investments and international attention

Time for our our interview series about international PR to take a look to the west of the Atlantic Ocean and visit South America. Marta Dourado of our São Paulo based team at Fundamento PR shares her impressions of the year 2013 in Brazil. 1.    …
Dubai skyscrapers

Dubai 2013: The United Arab Emirates are back in Business

Moving further to the east this week our blog team talked to PR expert Mohammed El Batta of our Dubai based PR team. As before, we ask about the global recession, the portrayal of Dubai in the media and some examples of countries that stand…
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France 2013: Shortend Communication Budgets Favour PR

This week our colleague Marine shares her view of the year 2013 with us and answers the three questions we asked our colleagues around the world. We talk about the global recession, how public relations firms are dealing with the new demand…

Finland 2013: A tendency for PR sprints instead of long-term strategy and a growing demand for global PR

Two weeks ago Sergej Trofimenko from Russia reported on trends influencing PR and media in 2013. This week we will take a look on Northern and Northeastern Europe. Jukka Laikari offers a short glance at impressions from Finland.   1.     How…
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PR Impressions 2013 from Spain

The last quarter of the year has already started, therefore we asked our PR consultants around the world to answer three questions on developments in 2013 in their regions. Stay tuned for updates from our teams in Spain, Russia, Argentina, Taiwan,…
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“Tops and Flops in global PR” – Wrap-up

In our interview series "Tops and Flops in global PR" we asked several PR consultants of our 70 partner agencies of the GlobalCom PR Network which PR topics and methods are especially successful in their respective markets and from which measures…
Czech Republic

Czech Republic: Tops and flops in global PR

Today our series features Jan Hrabovský from Heretic PR, GlobalCom PR Network partner in the Czech Republic, who gives us some insights into “Tops and Flops” in the Czech market.   PR topics: tops and flops – what works best…
Spreckley Partners Ltd: GlobalCom’s Partner in the United Kingdom

Tops and flops in global PR in the British healthcare market

Today our series features Pat Pearson from Firstlight PR, GlobalCom PR Network partner in the UK, who gives us some insights into “Tops and Flops” in the British healthcare market. PR topics: tops and flops – what works best in your market? The…

Tops and Flops in global PR for Germany

Today our series features Daniel Pohl from 360Concept, a GlobalCom PR Network partner in Germany, who gives us some insights into “Tops and Flops” in the German market. PR topics: tops and flops – what works best in your market? Our…