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We recently helped a client through an acquisition, its third during our time as its tech PR agency. Each acquisition announcement is different, as we’ve learned from this client and the many others we’ve supported through this process. Here are three tips to keep in mind as you prepare a PR campaign around acquisition news.

1. Take Advantage of Your ‘Hard’ News

Most journalists and media are less likely to take an interview or write about a company that doesn’t have any upcoming news. Without that hook, there is no strong headline for a story, so journalists won’t see the value to their readers. Of course, there are many great reasons for journalists to talk to vendors without a specific story in mind – it’s just a much harder sell.

Therefore, when you do have a news angle, take advantage of the opportunity and reach out widely. Don’t just share the news with press that cover acquisitions – reach out to everyone who covers your space. Many journalists will use the opportunity to learn about your company, giving you the chance to talk about what your company has achieved outside of this announcement. Those points could translate into more interview and create coverage opportunities down the road when the journalist is considering a related story.

2. Share the News with Journalists Ahead of Time

Many journalists consider news that has already been broken and/or been written about to be old. So, send them a copy of the press release a day or two before. Then they’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about the announcement and get any additional materials before the official launch day, and are therefore more likely to write about your client. Just be sure you’re clear about when the embargo will lift, so journalists know exactly when they can publish their articles!

3. Keep Up the Momentum After the Announcement

While much of the PR work around an acquisition leads up to the launch date, it doesn’t end once the press release is out. This is the time to take your acquisition story a step further, not only sharing the news with your peers and followers, but connecting it with other current news stories. Is your acquisition part of a trend toward consolidation? Is it going to make waves in your industry? These trends create a long-tail story for your company to keep the momentum going after a large announcement.

How have you made acquisition announcements successful in the past?


This post was first published by Sarah Love on March Communications’ blog PR Nonsense.