Greece Region Summary

Communication Environment

What holds sway in your region – traditional or new media types and influencers? How is that changing?

Mainly traditional media types (print: papers, magazines and electronic: TV, radio, online) and influencers (journalists, columnists).

The media landscape is changing dramatically due to the collapse of major publishing houses owning high-impact media. Nowadays, online media are gaining significant market shares against the traditional media; especially newspapers, magazines and TV. More publishers are showing a preference for online over print media as they are applying cost cutting strategies.

What is the influence ecosystem – the media, analysts, consultants and non-traditional influencers (bloggers etc.). And where to start in this ecosystem?

Prominent media persons and analysts remain the dominant influencers in the political-economic field. Non-traditional influencers like bloggers/vloggers and online columnists are enjoying an increased impact, especially in sectors like ICT, retail, fashion, consumer PR and lifestyle PR etc.

What kind of stories tends to dominate influencer/media attention? What type of stories receive little attention?

Political-economic stories mainly attract the attention of the traditional media. The main focus is on the consequences of the economic crisis. Also considerable is interest in social and lifestyle stories.


Market Landscape

What are the major corporations across sectors that have decision-making units based in the region? 

Corporations active in maritime, energy and retail or wholesale trading.

What are the hottest sectors for start-ups? 

The hottest startup sectors are: tourism, information & communication technology, online services and agricultural activities (especially for Protected Destination of Origin products).

What kind of sectors are the rising stars in the local economy? 

Tourism and energy (due to the on-going liberalization of the energy sector in Greece).


Communication Tools

What communication tools are the best to use in your market – media relations, social media, employer branding, events, content marketing, etc.?

Media relations and social media relations are considered the most efficient communications channels. Also, the impact (and the demand) for event management and influencer marketing is increasing. There is a growing interest in CSR actions and sponsorship of cultural and business events.

What kind of communication software are you using in your daily activities? (media and social media monitoring, CRMs, knowledge management, project management, news distribution software, etc. – give names ).

Media monitoring:

  • Hootsuite

CRM and project management:

  • Podio
  • Bitrix24

Content distribution:

  • Mailchimp
  • Groupmail
  • Mailer Lite


Do you have any “horror stories” or anecdotes that demonstrate contemporary PR/communication practice in your region?

The dramatic decline of the specialized press in the high-tech sector. Over the last 4 – 5 years, more than 9 popular media publications (with some international titles such as PC World, PC Magazine, Gamepro, CHIP among them) have suspended operations in the Greek market. Now, only a few free press and online publications cover the local high-tech market.

The situation is the same in the automotive media sector. More than 7 major automotive media publications are not being published anymore. Among them are some titles which had previously had an uninterrupted presence of 30-40 years in the publishing market.