New formats that will help to make your online events more interesting

In the context of this pandemic, a great number of people experience tremendous stress. Borders are already closed, vacations and plans are disrupted and an information storm is constantly attacking our wellbeing. A corporate event will give your employees a little well-needed distraction from all that, help relieve their anxiety, see each other, and reconnect socially.

Party at the monitor

How to start a party when everyone is looking at their screens? Of course, with an original and memorable invitation. To do this you can deliver a special WELCOME-PACK with a number of souvenirs to your employees. This can be a t-shirt or sweatshirt that incorporates colors so that even sitting at home a person feels like a part of the team. Or a blanket with soft slippers for convenient home self-isolation. As an option, the FOOD-PACK is a branded box with delicacies and snacks, festive drinks, and original disposable devices. Treats at corporate parties are loved by everyone and your employees will definitely appreciate such a surprise.

A personal invitation with detailed instructions on how to take part in the corporate event can be delivered along with the box: which online platform will be used, which link can be used to join the event and whether any applications will need to be installed.

Further events are limited only by the scope of imagination and budget. This can be a party with music from live performers or DJ sets accompanied by a host held in the format of a corporate radio station. You can also add video content with the broadcast of manager’s addresses or pre-recorded wishes on specified topics, use motivational videos or just pleasant memories. Guests will be able to communicate in a shared video chat and have the opportunity to join groups of interests in special online rooms, in short, behave like at a normal corporate event.

Corporate online bar

This is one of the most recent trends in spring 2020 and at the same time a budget alternative to a large-scale online corporate event. In different countries, isolated people at home have started using online bars with video connections for communication and new acquaintances. Alcohol, as you know, does not cure and does not solve problems, but it helps to virtually relax with colleagues and friends, discussing business in an informal setting. Our team will help you choose a convenient online platform, as well as organize the delivery of drinks to employees.

Corporate online quest

Employees enter a shared online room and are divided into teams performing tasks pre-programmed in the quest interface or solving tasks in real-time by communicating with the host. Communication is made via video or audio channels. You can also conduct a quest at the intersection of online and offline formats. This means that there is a team of players or actors in offline mode, they are controlled by audio-visual equipment located at their computers by the participants of the event.

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