Летний деловой сезон открыла ежегодная встреча руководителей и специалистов PR-агентств, которые входят в международную ассоциацию GlobalCom PR Network  Масштабная конференция состоялась на греческом острове Крит и собрала более 50 профессионалов в сфере связей с общественностью из 30 стран мира. Это больше, чем годом ранее в Стамбуле, когда на встречу приехали 45 специалистов из 29 стран.


Ральф Хартманн, глава ассоциации GlobalComPR Network

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In 2014, the start-up, Luca, led by the former editor of Afisha magazine, Eugenia Kuyda, became the first Russian start-up participating in one of the most prestigious business incubators of the Silicon Valley – the legendary Y Combinator.  Every year, more than 30,000 companies from all over the world send their application to participate, but only 100-200 are selected for the program. YC has a history of providing a spring board for companies like Airbnb, DropBox, Reddit, and many others. Surely, this accelerator invests small amounts of money for the development, but, more importantly, its support of companies serves as an endorsement for investors from around the world.

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Market landscape 

What are the major corporates across sectors that have decision-making units based in the region? 

The economic crisis and sanctions have not made life easier for international corporations working in Russia. But there’s still a way to reap the rewards of changing economic conditions. One potential strategy is to localize. German sportswear company Adidas revealed plans to close 160 stores across Russia by the end of 2017. The multinational corporation has been scaling back business in the country for the last three years – with many shops already shut down – as consumer demand continues to tail off amid the economic crisis. According to sources close to the company, Adidas has been rethinking its business strategy since 2014 and the closures represent one of the ways to optimize sales by cutting losses.

Other international companies have also been forced into a rethink in Russia. “The ruble depreciation has made localization of business in Russia one of the most attractive options,” Pavel Sigal, vice president of Opora Rossii – a Russian business association of small and medium companies. “Put off by sanctions and the crisis, the majority of corporations did not dare bet on localization, but the gradual adaptation of Russia’s economy to sanctions will eventually lead them to do it. The cost of labor in Russia has become lower than in China and large companies cannot ignore this.”

While localization has not yet become a mainstream trend, there have already been notable cases. Here are five international companies that have made steps to localize in Russia over the last three years.

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This Blog post was first published by Alla Shupineva, 4D Business Communications Agency, St. Petersburg, Russia

8 советов от организаторов бизнес-конференций

Многие компании в своей деятельности сталкиваются с необходимостью организации деловых мероприятий различного уровня. Это может быть закрытый круглый стол, отраслевая конференция или даже крупный международный симпозиум. Необходимость продиктована различными причинами: от маркетинговых задач по продвижению товара на узкоспециализированном рынке до желания объединить профессионалов отрасли ради достижения общих целей. По данным компании TimePad – лидера рынка услуг по онлайн организации и регистрации мероприятий, в 2016 году с помощью их платформы было организовано более 130 000 мероприятий, а число новых организаторов составило 31000. Предлагаем вашему вниманию несколько советов от специалистов – организаторов с многолетним опытом, как сделать ваше мероприятие желанным и посещаемым для целевой аудитории.

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Our blog series continues with a contirbution from our partner and friend Sergei Trofimenko, CEO of Point Passat, GlobalCom Partner in Russia.

Some interesting facts about the past years as well as a prediction for 2015.

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RenaultDuring the 22-year history of our agency we have executed hundreds of different events. Two of the most impressive ones were a ten-year program of Camel Trophy adventures on Land Rovers across some of the world’s most challenging and interesting regions as well as a huge all-Russia event for Renault cars at the end of 2013 which led to the fantastic result of Renault Duster becoming first best selling non-Russian 4X4 car in Russia outperforming the national brand Niva.

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JukkaThis week we take a look at a market which is still a bit of a mystery to most European and non-Europeans alike. Jukka Laikari, who supports PR clients in the Ukrainian PR market since 2008, describes his impressions of 2013 in the Ukraine:

1. How did the global recession affect the demand for PR in the Ukraine in 2013?

Ukraine is a 45 million people emerging market. It is often said that it is the one big market in Europe with the least competition between brands and product offerings. Therefore it is still possible for new companies in this region or smaller players to win a reasonable market share and use PR as a very effective tool.

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Last week Josep M. Iglesias from Barcelona gave us some impressions on current trends in the PR market in Spain. This time Sergej Trofimenko reports on the situation in Russia:

1.  How did the global recession affect the demand for PR in Russia in 2013?

It is interesting but the world recession has not taken Russia to its strong hands yet. The total volume of PR services in Russian has reached 1, 1 billion US Dollars in September 2013. This was calculated by W-City community research and “Social logistic” laboratory.

Sergei TrofimenkoIf we are talking about recent figures in advertising, they show a 12 percent growth compared to the same period in 2012, and now it has a market volume of about 4, 8 billion US Dollars. Within the whole advertising market, internet advertisement was the strongest trend with even 30 percent growth. Which, on the other side, comes as no surprise, since for example 25 million people are visiting “”, one of the most popular social media resources in Russia, every day. This is good news! Read more

The latest comment for the German PR magazine PR Report was provided by Vera Likhosherstova from GlobalCom Russia. The article was published in the September issue of the magazine  (see image). Here’s the English version of Vera’s comment:

You will not grasp her with your mind
Or cover with a common label,
For Russia is one of a kind –
Believe in her, if you are able…

(Fedor Tyutchev, translated by Anatoly Liberman) Read more

Part 1 of the interview* with Russian PR expert Yulia Kiseleva covered current PR trends in Russia. Today Yulia will talk about general differences of Russian PR practices compared to other regions.


* The series is based on phone or face-to-face interviews and written input, therefore please excuse language mistakes which might reflect foreign language influences.

1. Are there any PR practices in which you think your region differs from PR in other part of the world?

Yulia Kiseleva: One of the most requested services is the positioning of experts in the media. According to the Russian mentality, the higher the position of the spokesperson in his company and industry and the better his performance as a reliable expert, the better the image of the whole company will be represented. Read more