PR strategies are long and short term plans that look at the options and resources available to establish the order and type of activities required to communicate best, with the final purpose of increasing the profile of an individual or organisation, building brand awareness.


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Continental drift in modern PR? – Interview with Vilma Bosticco

Today our interview series is featuring Vilma Bosticco of Prima Pagina, GlobalCom ’s partner PR agency in Italy, who provided us with some insights regarding their local PR practices and regional trends.* 1. What status do social and digital…
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Besting the Booth Babe Trade Show Strategy

This post was first published by Meredith L. Eaton on March Communications' blog, PR Nonsense, and may be viewed here. As you would expect from any major tech trade show, last week’s Interop event in Las Vegas generated quite a bit of…
5 Major Marketing Trends to Prepare for

PR Trends to Watch in 2012

With 2011 coming to a close, lots of PR/Marketing industry experts have reflected on the year behind us and made some wise predictions for the year ahead. It’s important for us as industry professionals to stay on top of trends so we’re…
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Case Studies – Premium Content in Today’s Content Age

In today’s “content-age,” the creation of data is as simple as hitting “submit” on a blog entry or uploading a video to YouTube – anyone can do it, and practically everyone is doing it, causing content growth to increase at astonishing…
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Global PR Perspectives – In Russia, the land of endless distances, personal relationships are still paramount

In our interview series about international PR providing insight into PR trends and local differences in PR practices from more than 20 countries*, today’s interview shows why you have to be very creative when choosing an even location, and…
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How Business Travel Can Benefit Your Company

As the economy begins to improve, companies still find themselves cutting costs by eliminating business trips. It makes sense—remove trips and you save money—yet is it smart? At March Communications, we frequently travel and believe that…
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Branding Cyprus: from the Cyprus problem to Marcos Baghdatis

Nicholas Karides, director of ampersand communications in Cyprus, writes regurlarly for the Cyprus Sunday Mail. This week he has written an article about branding a country with the help of a successful young Cypriotic tennis player. Branding…