PR strategies are long and short term plans that look at the options and resources available to establish the order and type of activities required to communicate best, with the final purpose of increasing the profile of an individual or organisation, building brand awareness.


In PR, Story Has to Dictate the Format

Put Down the Pen and Paper: How Augmented Reality is Impacting Storytelling

Once upon a time in a kingdom under the sea, there was a spirited, redheaded mermaid who longed to go ashore and meet the man of her dreams. I bet most of you know what story I’m talking about. Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” was one of…
Content Marketing Strategy

What PR Can Learn From Minimalist Web Design Philosophy

I recently read an article detailing many of the principles of minimalism in Web design. The more I read, the more I came to realize how fitting many of these same ideals were in the world of public relations. The first tenet of minimalist…
People doing research for case studies

The Power of Use Cases in PR Pitching

For many technology companies, obtaining customer case studies can be quite difficult – especially if the customers view the technology as their secret sauce. Naturally, they’d be wary of publicly touting any solution that’s giving them…
Take notes: advice, tips and lessons

Tech PR Pros: Pitching the Wall Street Journal? Remember These 4 Tips

A few weeks ago, Gorkana invited Californian PR professionals to a panel discussion with members of The Wall Street Journal’s technology and finance team. "Heart on the Street" co-editor Liam Denning, deputy technology editor Scott Austin…
Content Marketing Strategy

Is an Industry Giant About to Outshine Your Client? Not So Fast…

When strategizing with clients on the ideal timing for a big announcement, the golden rule for tech PR companies is to avoid holidays, Fridays, and, if it can be helped, dates when you know an industry giant is going to unveil its own big news…
Go big, or go home

‘Bland’ Kills Brands: Here’s How to Find Your Voice

When the beaten and weary buzzword of “innovative” comes up, it’s inevitable that tech companies come to mind first. Whether we’re talking about 3D printing or the cloud, social or mobile networks, tech businesses are the ones that are…
Working Together

3 Ways Tech Companies Can Avoid a Boring Office Launch

Cambridge Consultants recently opened an office in Boston, and since the March office is just around the corner of its new location, I had the opportunity to attend and photograph the Boston launch party earlier this month. As I had seen the…
Branding Strategy

How Making a Client ‘Famous’ Led to Front Page Coverage

A common challenge in PR – no matter what sector – is maintaining client visibility during inevitable news lulls, where there may not be a steady stream of announcements to work with. This is what makes proactive media relations such a key…
Statistics, Data, Analysis, Charts

How to Maximize Your Meetings in a Multi-Tasking World

We’re all guilty of it: multi-tasking on mute during a conference call, whether it’s emailing on your laptop, texting on your cell phone or – if you can believe it – even riding the stationary bike at the gym. InterCall, the world’s…
Storm with clouds and lightning strikes

The Pre-Pitching Perfect Storm

When strategizing with clients on how to make a splash on the day of a big announcement, there’s one technique we come back to time and time again – pre-pitching. Having one to two weeks before an announcement drops truly makes the job…
Public Relations, PR

How PR Supports Intelligent Growth’s Five Pillars

Last week, when John Neeson, SiriusDecisions co-founder and managing partner, took the main stage at SiriusDecisions’ Summit 2014 to unveil the company’s industry-first “B-to-B Confidence Index” study, he outlined the five pillars that…
Improve your food and beverage business with PR

Mike’s Hard Lemonade Pulls TV Ads for All-Digital Marketing

When you think of brands on the cutting edge of marketing, a flavored alcohol drink company probably doesn't come to mind. So, what can Mike's Hard Lemonade teach us about why you need a digital marketing and PR strategy? It seems fitting…