Working Together

Cambridge Consultants recently opened an office in Boston, and since the March office is just around the corner of its new location, I had the opportunity to attend and photograph the Boston launch party earlier this month. As I had seen the space in its early stages, it was nice to see how far it’s come in just a few months. It got me thinking about the hard work and dedication that goes into hosting a successful in-house event. As the event photographer, I was able to really focus on all of the small details that helped pull it all together; but, above all, I witnessed how taking pride in what you do helps make an event that much better.

Whether you’re a well-known technology company, a B2B tech PR firm, or even a startup, showcasing your space through an office launch is a great way to raise awareness of your company.

Through my experience with Cambridge Consultants, here are my top three takeaways on how to successfully host an office launch:

1. Interaction is Key

We’ve all attended events that lacked interaction, which often times, causes a lack of future engagement. Cambridge Consultants had a handful of interactive demos, which really helped guests – and future clients – enjoy themselves at the office launch. Further, the interactive displays allowed those in attendance to not only understand the company’s products, but to see it them in action firsthand.

2. Network, Network, Network

It’s been said a million times, but a key factor in a successful office launch is remembering the importance of networking – no matter how busy you might be. You’ve attracted interested parties to attend and explore your office, but without taking the time to get to know these individuals, the launch will be chalked up as an open invite for complementary hors d’oeuvres and drinks. While it doesn’t hurt to provide delectable treats throughout the night, don’t be afraid to share your business card during the event and take some one-on-one time with those you meet. The relationships you build will more than likely be beneficial in future situations.

3. Invite a Celebrity

It’s not every day that an organization is able to lock down a ‘celebrity’ appearance, but as a result of March’s strenuous efforts, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh was the most popular attendee at Cambridge Consultants’ Boston office launch. It was exciting for employees and guests alike to have a well-known, local figure at the event, but more importantly, having an impressive speaker share his insight on the innovative technology the company has been working on was quite a hit – and a great endorsement for future opportunities.

There are many ways to personalize your in-house event, and these are just a few that stuck out to me – have you attended or hosted a memorable office launch? I’d love to hear about it; share your experiences in the comments below!


This post was first published by Jenna Burpee on March Communications’ blog PR Nonsense. Full Disclosure: Cambridge Consultants is a March client