5G network from the angle of a PR expert

Technological innovations often provoke controversy and come across less favorable public perception. Resistance to the new has existed as much as human progress, but the rapid development and use of technology in the modern world deepens the issue of utility and safety. Fear about the introduction of the 5G network is, therefore, no exception. There have been protests against power lines, production of electric cars, construction of mobile towers, in the near and distant past. At their core was a concern for health and impact on planet Earth. It is therefore not surprising that the opponents of the 5G network organized a movement against it, whose activities, among other things, resulted in a global protest against the 5G network on 25 January 2020.

PR experts are facing a challenging task caused by skepticism and fears. How to introduce this technology and innovation based on the 5G network? Similar to other crisis communications, open and fully transparent communication on this issue is paramount.

Argumentative texts, supported by the views of experts, are one of the most important methods because their primary goal is education. New insights have the power to overcome fears, show in detail how the 5G network works and answer any questions that may arise. Some media outlets also seek to educate the population, such as, for example, the BBC, which provides basic information, including defining the 5G network as “next generation of mobile internet connection and offers much faster data download and upload speeds”. Taking a step further, the media should also provide the following types of information:

  • Detailed explanations of the mode
  • A look at the differences between this and earlier technologies in use
  • Explications of studies on the health effects of 5G technology

Practical examples of use will also have a positive effect on perception, thus communication of use experiences, stories of individual cities, institutions or states that already use 5G technology is recommended. In addition, skeptics generally speculate about the negative things that the 5G network can lead to. Still, there are so many beautiful stories to tell that can shine a light on this technology from a whole new angle. These are stories about how it will enable breakthroughs in the autonomous industries, perfect video surveillance with the support of artificial intelligence (AI), and thus increase security, but also contribute to healthcare by facilitating remote surgeries through specialized instruments and, of course, fast connection.

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