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Jaja klar, mittlerweile wissen wir alle was „dieses IoT“ ist, oder? So von wegen smarter Kühlschrank, der einkauft – oder ein Fitnesstracker, der mir sagt, dass ich heute wieder zu faul war. Nicht zu vergessen natürlich Unmengen an Anwendungen in der Industrie – und nicht zuletzt Autos, Maschinen und Roboter, die an der Lebensader Internet hängen. Ihr wisst schon, wovon ich spreche.

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This post was first published by Laurie Davis on Interprose’s blog, Interprose Voice.

Once upon a time in a kingdom under the sea, there was a spirited, redheaded mermaid who longed to go ashore and meet the man of her dreams. I bet most of you know what story I’m talking about. Disney’s The Little Mermaid was one of my favorites growing up.

We gravitate to stories from a young age and it never really ends; everyone likes a good story. It’s how we connect, share, and proliferate ideas. A story is impactful.

It is a well-known fact that storytelling is at the heart of public relations and marketing. We always want to make our messages relatable, memorable, and purposeful – all things that characterize a good story. Read more

Fitness Tracker, Sports Watch

This month I can seamlessly predict what your daily media digestion will mainly consist of – I suspect you have just finished reading about the New Year being THE time to discover a new you? Or maybe you’re wincing at the reality of being one of the 50% of people that have already ditched their diet and fitness resolution. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately the commercial hype around embarking on a healthy lifestyle in the New Year has somewhat diluted what actually is a very important message. The effects of yoyo dieting, blowing out one month and compensating by depriving yourself the next, is actually more dangerous than if you were to find a constant happy medium.

So why do we find ourselves becoming so absorbed with the quirky fads that will be a long forgotten come the Summer? Particularly when there are actually a lot of growing trends emerging that offer a much more holistic approach to fixing our psychology towards health, food and fitness. These are the solutions that offer a real lifestyle change. Read more

This post was first published by Naomi Barry, on Escapade PR’s blog  

As we head into November, and with just two pay days left until the big day, at Escapade our minds cannot help but drift towards the right Christmas gift for our nearest and dearest.

What is on trend?  And is anything actually within our budget?

When it comes to kids, you can’t go far wrong with the top ten list from Hamleys, with gifts priced from £25 to £200+.  Interestingly, this year, it is full of tech gifts featuring a  Barbie Colour Change Bag, a LeapFrog LeapTV and a Kiddizoom Smart Watch featuring games, alarm and camera functionality.

For the grown-ups, Currys and PC World unveiled its top 10 predictions for Christmas tech back in July (afterall that’s prime Christmas season in our world) with wearable tech forecast to be the gift of choice for many. Read more


Newly elected Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh boldly declared last week during a visit to local tech education non-profit LearnLaunch, “We want to make Boston the tech capital of the world.” As a Boston tech PR firm, March Communications has seen firsthand over the last decade how impressive the city’s evolution – not just as a tech hub for the East Coast, but the whole country – has really been.

The Boston tech sector’s success is already central to the area’s economic growth, but Walsh’s comments crystallized the collective efforts of city and state officials to make Boston the global technology hub.

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This blog post is written by Michael Scanlan, a member of the Fintech team

Remember the guy commuting by waterslide to a soundtrack of the laid back country rock of the Bellamy Brothers’ ‘Just let your love flow’. He swooshed through supermarkets and shops and every time he wanted to pay for something he tapped his Barclaycard on a reader and off he went on his aquatic way with his no doubt soggy groceries.

What a marvel! Paying with card without your PIN? Tapping to pay? That’s the future right there!

Unfortunately, this future has failed to materialise. When I’m commuting home tonight, I’ll pass by more than a handful of retailers. And, to the best of my knowledge, only one of them, a purveyor of ready-to-eat sarnies, accepts contactless cards.

NFC is being positioned by the payments industry as the next step. No longer do you need a card. Your wallet is your phone. Touch your phone to the reader and pay. Read more

This blog is written by Will Gardiner, Head of Business Technology at CCgroup

The 27th of November saw CCgroup launch its latest division – Business Technology.

There’s a news release here that explains why we think it’s important, what the opportunities are and why we’re equipped to make the most of them. And here’s a link to what PRWeek thought of the announcement.

In a nutshell, CCgroup has historically focused on mobile & telecoms, fintech and cleantech, but this year, several of our new and existing clients turned their focus on the enterprise market. And so, following the management buy-out in August, we established a new division to cater for B2B technology companies and consultancies from four key areas: IT Infrastructure; Workflow IT; Back-Office IT; and Business Intelligence & Big Data. There’s more detail on what these areas comprise of in the news release. Read more

This blog post was written by Michael Scanlan, CCgroup

In 1975, the German electronic band, Kraftwerk, appeared on Tomorrow’s World playing Autobahn while the voiceover explained how they used their ever-so modern synthesisers to create music. At the end, the voiceover soberly predicted that the following year they would dispense with keyboards altogether and wear jackets with electronic lapels that they would play instead. Read more

This post was first published by Michael Scanlan on the CCgroup blog.

In 1987, I went on holiday to the Soviet Union. Don’t ask.

Anyway, when I was there, I went into GUM, the famous department store in Red Square, to buy some souvenirs. Armed with a fistful of roubles, I navigated the Byzantine counter routine. You ordered from one person, paid a second and picked up your purchases from a third.

Huge queue due to the ancient paper ticketing system!

This was the most bizarre queuing system I’ve ever encountered. Until, that is, I attempted to get into Apps World 2013 earlier this week. Read more

Fintech - Payments Technologies

This post was first published by Daniel Lowther on the CCgroup blog.

Let me say this first. I’m a big believer in mobile payments. Having worked with companies like Visa, VeriFone and Kalixa for many years, I truly believe that mobility will revolutionise how we pay, get paid and manage our finances. However recent experiences with Barclays Pingit has put this belief to the test. “Can you Pingit? Erm…no I can’t”

I really liked Pingit. Compared to other offerings (I’ll name no names) it was simple to set up, easy to use and solved a genuine need. I started to pay friends and family using Pingit rather than going online to make a bank transfer because it was easy to do so on the move. My friends, both Barclays and non-Barclays customers registered with the service and were able to accept payments and make payments. Everything was hunky-dory. Read more