GlobalCom Annual Meeting

The GlobalCom PR Network Annual Meeting 2019 has come to an end – it was a fantastic event, with fantastic attendees and fantastic results! 


The Business Part 

This year’s annual meeting hosted 48 PR professionals from 30 countries around the world to discuss mutual business interests and how to work together as a global PR team. The number of attending partners was the highest number right after our meeting in Istanbul which had been attended by 45 professionals from 29 countries.

The agenda and working sessions in 2019 were structured differently compared to other global meetings.

The first meeting day was dedicated to new partner introductions and the discussion of currently hot topics. We are happy to welcome new members from Israel, RCPR managed by Idit Rosenberg and Michal Zilber, Ingenio Capital in the Dominican Republic by Marion Pages, Progess Communications from the Benelux, beautifully presented by our colleagues Stella Jansen and Miek Gielkens, EloQ Communications from Vietnam by Clara Ly-Le as well as Communication Works in South Korea.



To name a few examples and demonstrate the high quality of the presentations we would actually have to name all of them, but can especially highlight GlobalCom member PRecious Communications led by Lars Voedisch who gave us some fascinating insights on Fintech & Financial PR, followed by very interesting reports on 5G & Autonomous Cars by Johanna Stenmark at Punkt PR in Sweden and Tibor Szentgyorgyi at Vision Communications in Hungary. The Hot Topic session was concluded by Lukasz Wilczynski of Planet Partners in Poland and Markus Engel of Communciation Consultants in Germany who helt some remarkable presentations about Artificial Intelligence.

Not to forget, one of our esteemed directors Richard Merrin at Spreckley, UK who gave us an update on the international business flow in our worldwide network.

The business part on Thursday afternoon and Friday was packed with valuable and useful information, tactics, workgoups and strategies to improve global Business Development amongst our members and on a global scale. GlobalCom invited the SEO expert Toby Mason of Totally in London to introduce the planned global SEO Campaign roll out which will be launched within the month of June 2019.

Last but not least – we want to thank our Founder and Head of the organization Ralf Hartmann, who once again proved that his philosophy “Make People Feel Good” really makes people feel good :)

If you are interested in studying the presentations, please get in contact with us – 

The Social Part 

We really want to thank all of our members that attended and/or supported our team to make this such an incredible and unforgettable experience. Each and everyone has contributed to this and should be name listed here. Unfortunately this would make this post too long and probably not as interesting to read :) so please take our biggest THANKS for being a part of this!!

Pictures say more than a thousand words…..

We can truly and proudly claim that the Annual Meeting 2019 was an unforgettable experience for all of the attending members and will most probably be a favourite discussion topic for a while. It is always wonderful to see when people from all over the world get together and have a great time. The mix of attendees and different cultures, the beautiful resort, amazing weather and delicious foods did the rest.


The GlobalCom PR Network AWARDS 2019

There will be a separate post following about the AWARDS, the winners and the tremendous submissions and case studies. So much great information and informative content needs to be highlighted separatley.

Stay tuned :)


The GlobalCom PR Network hosts an annually organized international summit for all members.