Storytelling in PR and Marketing

It’s easy to tell when someone is reciting memorized company jargon rather than speaking from the heart. Instead of repeating the same old lines, why not tell a story? A great one makes your audience want to know more—and more importantly, share it with others. This is not only a key approach when producing content for clients, but also a well-tested tactic that most PR agencies who offer this service make full use of. The challenge, of course, emerges when we’re trying to translate the content from one language into another while ensuring that the same tone of voice, meaning, and impact are maintained and no cultural faux pas happened in the process. This stands true for all international PR campaigns, and especially so for international SEO campaigns.

With that said, impactful storytelling is a learned skill—one that cannot be ignored if you are spreading your company’s narrative to media, employees, clients and stakeholders. You need to bring the brand to life with a story—or multiple stories—that resonate with all of these groups. But how can you tell your story in the most effective and compelling way?

We asked a few of JCPR’s experts to share some words of wisdom.

“Your narrative should persuade, engage and trigger an emotional response. JCPR has a ‘Dynamic Storytelling Workshop’ that takes our clients on a journey to discovering – and then exploiting – their best stories. It’s a combination of both art and science, but by the end, our clients are thrilled with the ability to tell their story in compelling manner.”

Greg Jawski, Managing Director


“Did you hear the one about the guy who did everything right, never had to change course and ultimately came out ahead? Of course not. Stories have to have conflict, challenges, obstacles—and resolution. If you can admit to times when you were wrong, when you made mistakes or underestimated the challenge in front of you, you’ll win over any audience.”

Michelle Pittman, Chief Content Officer


“Employees and colleagues are a key demographic. The passion and excitement executives use to engage the media and promote their brand with prospects easily translate to internal teams. Your staff wants to see your passion and your resolve. Demonstrating company values and sharing real-world examples are key ways to boost morale and motivate your employees.”

Carol Graumann, President


“Not every story will resonate with everyone—despite how impactful it is. Pinpoint your target audience and make sure the story you’re telling strongly affects them. You want the message to be received loud and clear.”

Kris Kagel, Senior Vice President


“A great story is one you enjoy telling. Listeners can hear the passion in your voice and see the spark in your eye when you are personally engaged in a story.”

Leslie Billera, VP of Marketing