Improve your food and beverage business with PR

When having a food & beverage business a quality relationship with your customers and the media is just as important in any other business. To keep your business objectives, it is of extreme value to make you brand a topic in the masses, a conversation opener at any social event, because “nothing says loving, like something from the oven’”.

Many may think that for a successful food & beverage business good recipes and location are key. That may be true, however, having good PR can open new business opportunities and success.

  • Create long-term relationships – PR can help you reach the masses by creating solid relationships with opinion makers and media workers thus creating customers who keep coming back.
  • Be visible – to keep you in the focus, PR will create an awareness of your brand providing a platform where your strengths and credibility can be enhanced. Using basic PR tools like press releases, events and storytelling you can share your unique story with the public and the media and raise awareness of your brand.
  • Be ahead of othersPR experts know what is currently trendy and hot, and they know how to deal with challenges facing everyday life. Take the crisis surrounding COVID-19 into consideration – it is important for brands to continue their communication with their customers and the media, but also to adapt to the new circumstances and shift their selling points online and to home delivery.
  • Be unique – give a friendly face to your company and enter people’s homes with something personal. PR can use tools like testimonials from your employees or interviews with the supervisors to enhance your credibility for target audience and also employer branding.
  • Be social – PR can help your spread the word of your business using up-to-date communication channels.
  • Be involved – doing good in business means that you have the opportunity to give back to the community. PR can help do good for the business and for the local community raising awareness on current issues, having fundraising campaigns or donations.

This short blog post was published by Tamara Meleš working at Abeceda Komunikacije.

Abeceda Komunikacije is an official member of GlobalCom PR Network.