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Hosting every year more than 100 communication practitioners from all over the South Eastern and Central European region, this year the International Conference on Communication Practice (the Annual Summit) Portorož 2007 will once again take place in the Portorož Grand Hotel Metropol.

With the main focus on new perspectives in media relations and the transformation of the media landscape, several internationally renowned communication experts, coming from United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Slovenia and Serbia will speak at the conference.

Amongst them will be David Henderson, strategic communications and reputation management strategist, journalist, and the author of books dealing with the media changes in the US and Europe; Anne Speckhard, Ph.D., professor of psychiatry at the University of Georgetown and a member of several research groups in NATO, United Nations, and the US Department of Health and Human Services; Adrian Wheeler (former president of Public Relations Consultants Association, an active member of the International Public Relations Association and of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, as well as an expert in issue management and crisis communications; Simone Anders, researcher and communications management consultant for different regional markets at the German Media Tenor Institute for media analysis; and Ralf Hartmann, president of the GlobalCom PR-Network, PR and Marketing Communications group with partners and affiliated members world-wide.