Clean Energy - Windmill in the sun

We have a new opportunity for partners in the GlobalCom network with an interest in the renewable energy industry.  This is an opportunity to help disadvantaged people, protect the environment and grow your public relations agency.

GlobalCom’s new partner in Asia-Pacific, Vero Public Relations, has developed a relationship with two organizations that are working to bring clean energy to people in Asia who are living without electric power. Green Grid Asia Ltd, a clean energy firm, and 100 Friends, a non-profit organization operating in Asia for more than 20 years, are prepared to install and manage solar power systems for schools and orphanages that currently operate off the electric grid. 100 Friends is a 5013c organization.

Learning to use the computer mouse…“There are millions of young people in Asia who live without electricity,” says Marc Gold, director of 100 Friends. “Bringing solar power to schools, orphanages and community centers will open up a new world for these children.  We have the know-how to bring solar energy to these communities, now we only need a solar company to donate solar panels and equipment.”

Often, petrol-fueled generators are the only source of electric power for the poorest communities in Asia. ThesPetrol-powered generator providing energy for the orphanagee generators are not only expensive to run, but they pollute communities.  Frequently, schools, orphanages and community centers can only afford enough petrol to power the generator for few hours a day.

Green Grid Asia director Ryan Anderson says that his focus is to harness enough solar power to provide children in select schools with unlimited computer use. Computers have been donated, but there is often a lack of power to operate the computers,” says Anderson.

“Our aim is to change this. Giving youth ongoing access to computers and the internet will prepare them for the future in a significant way. Solar power is the answer. Bringing light to these rural schools in effect creates a community center where all people in the village benefit. If the lights stay on people keep learning and that’s is often the only way out of their economic situation”.

How can GlobalCom partners get involved? First, download the attached PDF that describes the opportunity. Second, customize the pitch for product donations with your firm’s own logos and branding. Third, pitch your local solar companies on the marketing benefits of partnering in this project.Group picture - orphans from Cambodia

Please keep Claudia at GlobalCom in the loop on your pitches. Please also feel free to reach out to Brian at Vero Public Relations for support. Together we can help disadvantaged children—and position GlobalCom as a counselor to the world’s leading renewable energy companies.

Brian Griffin