World-famous tools for online events

Choosing the online format for corporate meetings and large conferences has many advantages. The geographical issue disappears and it becomes absolutely unimportant in which cities all the participants of such an event will be located. This allows you to save on business trips for employees and speakers and attracts new partners who previously could not get to the conference venue due to the lack of time, high cost or a significant distance. “Online” greatly facilitates the format of the event: so all participants can be on time at their computers, and there is no need to follow a strict dress code while not suffering the main thing-content. Due to the use of audio and video modes, your audience will be able to perfectly assimilate the broadcast material. Finally, now many platforms allow you to automatically save the desired content which saves you from the hassle of transmitting information to everyone after the fact. Specialists of the Communication Agency 4D (Russia) have prepared the presentation of the world-famous tools for online events.

Hangouts Meet is a popular messaging and online conference service. It is possible to organize group video chats for up to 100 people. Chat history is synced between users’ devices. By the way, during the coronavirus pandemic, Google made free access to the hangouts premium account features.

Microsoft Teams is an enterprise service that includes chat, notes, meetings, and a calendar. Office 365 and corporate subscription all its features are available at no extra cost. There is a function for holding corporate seminars with up to 5,000 people and live broadcasts of meetings.

Skype is a classic of the genre. The most obvious option for video communication within a small company. The free version supports video calls with up to 50 people and screen sharing.

Slack is a corporate messenger with channels for personal and business correspondence. Integration with dozens of third-party services including Google Hangouts, Google Drive, Dropbox, Twitter, Trello, and others. First of all, it is good because employees do not have any third-party channels and chats except for workers. Therefore, productivity will be significantly higher than when using regular messengers.

Trello is a service for organizing remote work in a team. It is convenient for creating tasks that are placed as cards on boards organized by topic.

Discord is a voice messenger with text chat. It was originally developed for gamers but it will also be useful for solving business problems.

Glip is a tool for managing team tasks. It combines chat, file sharing, calendars and schedules.

No one has yet decided how long the coronavirus pandemic crisis will last. But one thing is clear today – the world is changing rapidly and it is unlikely to become the same. Therefore, businesses should not perceive the new realities as something temporary but should make the most of them for their business without sliding into chaos and not giving in to panic.


Contributed by the specialists of the Communication Agency 4D (Russia).