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Find below insightful articles and recommendations for tools – whether digital or traditional – that you may be able to use as a PR specialist for yourself, your clients or your public relations firm. Also make sure to check our tips & tricks as well as the unique checklists that could make the difference between a successful PR campaign and an embarassing flop.


Effective tools to evaluate bloggers

Effective tools to evaluate bloggers

It is no secret that these days influencers have a huge impact on the target audience. It seems that most of the companies have already formed an idea about different evaluating tools when they work with bloggers. Unfortunately, some of them…
World-famous tools for online events

World-famous tools for online events

Choosing the online format for corporate meetings and large conferences has many advantages. The geographical issue disappears and it becomes absolutely unimportant in which cities all the participants of such an event will be located. This…
The effectiveness of social media during election campaignsBigstock

The effectiveness of social media during election campaigns

Digital campaigns play a pivotal role in the election campaigns of the Western world, be they on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Around the world, the digital election campaigns add up to the traditional media channels, such as TV, radio and…
Statistics, Data, Analysis, Charts

5 Ways to Measure the Impact of a Digital PR Campaign

Say that your tech company recently got covered in a major tech publication like TechCrunch or VentureBeat. For about a week, you see a pretty big spike in traffic going to your website. Maybe a few people even register for a trial of your product…
Print news, press releases and magazines

Hemingway Hates Your Press Releases

Think outside the box. Open the kimono. Circle back. Best practices. Innovative solutions. What do these phrases all have in common? They’re staples of business-speak (AKA workplace jargon) and they have plagued corporate prose for years.…
Content Marketing Strategy

Why PR and Content Marketing Are the Same Thing

Press releases are the bread-and-butter of any company hoping to make a splash. They help showcase your latest product or service or show some cutting-edge research into the industry. More importantly, of course, journalists and analysts will…
Skype screen - two dogs talking to each other

Skype’s Campaign – Bringing Humanity Back?

Our communication methods have evolved dramatically over the past years beginning with snail mail and evolving to home phones, cell phones, smart phones, email, instant messenger, Facebook, Twitter and Skype (say that ten times fast). While…
Social Media

ContentAide – Is Your Company Using Facebook to its Full Potential?

Facebook is quickly becoming a great marketing tool for businesses to build a compelling social media presence and engage with users. With company Facebook pages jumping from 700,000 last December to 1.5 million over just a few months, it’s…
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BlogDash: Blogger Outreach Made Easy

For PR consultants, pitching bloggers often requires a lot more research into whose who and what topics are applicable to whom in order to get your clients story picked up in the blogosphere. But even after sifting through all the information…