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Find below insightful articles and recommendations for tools – whether digital or traditional – that you may be able to use as a PR specialist for yourself, your clients or your public relations firm. Also make sure to check our tips & tricks as well as the unique checklists that could make the difference between a successful PR campaign and an embarassing flop.


World-famous tools for online events

Choosing the online format for corporate meetings and large conferences has many advantages. The geographical issue disappears and it becomes absolutely unimportant in which cities all the participants of such an event will be located. This allows you to save on business trips for employees and speakers and attracts new partners who previously could not get to the conference venue due to the lack of time, high cost or a significant distance. “Online” greatly facilitates the format of the event: so all participants can be on time at their computers, and there is no need to follow a strict dress code while not suffering the main thing-content. Due to the use of audio and video modes, your audience will be able to perfectly assimilate the broadcast material. Finally, now many platforms allow you to automatically save the desired content which saves you from the hassle of transmitting information to everyone after the fact. Specialists of the Communication Agency 4D (Russia) have prepared the presentation of the world-famous tools for online events.

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Digital campaigns play a pivotal role in the election campaigns of the Western world, be they on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Around the world, the digital election campaigns add up to the traditional media channels, such as TV, radio and the printed press. In Israel, however, the conventional media is nearly completely void of political advertising due to the Election Campaign Law, which prohibits sponsored TV or radio campaign and limits the exposure on the printed press. The election campaigns, therefore, focus on classic public relations, leaving the main battles to debates, interviews, and other tactics on TV channels and radio shows dealing with current events.

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Statistics, Data, Analysis, Charts

Say that your tech company recently got covered in a major tech publication like TechCrunch or VentureBeat. For about a week, you see a pretty big spike in traffic going to your website. Maybe a few people even register for a trial of your product or sign up for your email newsletter. Is all of that traffic related to the article? Could you say that all of it is directly related to public relations outreach?

Coverage is one thing. Getting real, measurable business results from PR is another. March is dedicated to taking the guesswork out of PR. That’s the story of our March Insight division, where our research analysts help show the ROI that clients are getting from each piece of coverage, social media campaign, blog post and more.

In digital PR, metrics are everywhere, so there are a lot of ways to measure PR. If your public relations firm is helping build the brand with press releases, web copy, blog posts and social media channels, here are key ways to measure the outcome.

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Think outside the box. Open the kimono. Circle back. Best practices. Innovative solutions.

460135665What do these phrases all have in common? They’re staples of business-speak (AKA workplace jargon) and they have plagued corporate prose for years. Business-speak worms its way into boilerplates, resumes and even live conversations like an invasive species attacking the collective vocabulary of the professional world. We cringe and poke fun at its stuffy emptiness, and yet it persists – even thrives. Read more

Press releases are the bread-and-butter of any company hoping to make a splash. They help showcase your latest product or service or show some cutting-edge research into the industry. More importantly, of course, journalists and analysts will cover the announcement. A good release can grow your brand awareness by getting your company’s name out there. That said, announcing your product is one thing and getting your target audience to read the announcement is another. With the right press release distribution channels, you can get a lot of people skimming the headline, but how can you encourage those impatient internet surfers to actually engage with the material?

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Social Media

Facebook is quickly becoming a great marketing tool for businesses to build a compelling social media presence and engage with users. With company Facebook pages jumping from 700,000 last December to 1.5 million over just a few months, it’s clear this social networking site is here to stay. But, are companies making the most of the platform?

Facebook has immense potential to provide much more than simply a place to interact with customers and post company updates. As more and more companies join the site, Facebook could offer valuable competitive intelligence information to help companies keep up with market trends and generate compelling content while attracting and retaining Facebook fans… that is, if they had the right tool. Read more

For PR consultants, pitching bloggers often requires a lot more research into whose who and what topics are applicable to whom in order to get your clients story picked up in the blogosphere. But even after sifting through all the information out there, sometimes we still get it wrong, leaving bloggers frustrated with a pitch that’s way off base.

Well, good news, PR pros and bloggers alike are in luck! BlogDash is a new blogger outreach dashboard launched by David Spinks at BlogWorld that helps you narrow down the blogosphere with appropriate filters. BlogDash gives businesses all the information they need so that they can send more targeted and educated pitches to bloggers while simultaneously benefitting bloggers by reducing the number of off-topic pitches and being presented with more valuable opportunities. Read more