Effective tools to evaluate bloggers

It is no secret that these days influencers have a huge impact on the target audience. It seems that most of the companies have already formed an idea about different evaluating tools when they work with bloggers. Unfortunately, some of them still turn out to be ineffective. Often the reason is the wrong choice. Specialists of the Communication agency 4D from Russia talk about what tools they use when working with influence marketing.

Knowing the blogger’s statistics is a must-have. Post views and stories, engagement rate, target audience and geography – all this allows you to determine whether the influencer is suitable for the PR campaign or not. However, it happens that some of the bloggers simply do not give statistics. The reasons may be different. In this situation, you have to search for this data by yourself.

Thank god we live in an age of technology that helps you to analyze absolutely any blogger from anywhere in the world. Here are some of these useful services:


  • https://picalytics.ru/ is a popular service with deep analytics for Instagram accounts. You can use it to analyze one or more business profiles and get detailed and accurate data about user activity.


  • https://minter.io/ is another powerful tool for tracking statistics which is convenient to analyze multiple accounts at one time. The service allows you to find out the dynamics of subscriber growth, the distribution of followers by country, city and gender, the reach of subscribers by the number of their subscriptions, engagement by the number of likes and comments etc.


  • https://pro.iconosquare.com/ is suitable for both novice marketers and marketing agencies. It allows you to analyze and manage your account: publish photos, respond to user comments and much more.


  • https://picaton.com/ is a service for collecting analytics and statistics from Russian developers. Picaton allows you to follow and respond to comments via Telegram. The service divides data into two categories: static and analytical. If you have less than a thousand subscribers, all the features of the service are free.


  • https://livedune.ru/ is a cool service for Instagram analytics. The minimum fare starts from $2. It also has a special extension for Google Chrome to recognize the ER of any account. The app is free and works for any account.


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