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From crafting excellent, timeless content, to combining different mediums and materials and finally to distributing the content using the channels the intended audiences are most likely to use in order to achieve the desired impact, content marketing has evolved significantly in the past ten years, transcending various fields of human knowledge and talent.

Find below contributions from PR-ists and specialists ranging from starters and technical writers to seasoned and highly experienced specialists who have been shaping the public relations industry for more than 20 years.

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It’s the new year, which means it’s the season for forecasting and predictions. At March, we’ve been thinking about what public relations firms will need going forward. How are tech companies communicating to prospects and customers today? What channels and platforms are being used the most? Which publications and outlets are most read? What do tech companies want from a PR agency?

At the beginning of 2013, March noticed three distinct demands from clients: content marketing, research and analytics. Over the past year, we decided to see exactly what – and how – PR services fit within these emerging needs. And it’s been a pretty cool journey. Tech PR agencies that stay on top of these trends can build PR campaigns that have really never been tried before. This year, we expect that content marketing, research and analytics will lead just as many PR campaigns as they supplement.

Here’s why.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t rocket science. In fact, now that Google has encrypted the referring keywords that companies used to track, SEO strategies have become as much about art as about science. Strategic placement of keywords is still important, but you don’t have to grab a calculator to figure that out.

This is especially true for B2B tech companies, which often target markets that are narrow enough for the content is more important than the keyword strategy. When you’re creating engaging and original content, SEO is actually pretty easy. Here are five SEO strategies for your blog. Read more


Penguin 2.0, released last month, is Google’s latest update to its search algorithm and it continues the search giant’s trend of improving how it recognizes – and rewards – good quality links. As we all know this is the latest in its battle with dodgy link brokers, content farms and other shortcut takers who try to dupe their way to the top of the first page of search results. This shift is great news for PR agencies, because securing quality coverage for clients in respectable online news outlets and industry websites can be a huge boost to search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

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This post was first published by Martin Jones on March Communications’ blog PR Nonsense.

Not so long ago, the press release was the be all and end all of any outbound influencer relations. PR firms would fire the release out to the influencer list and interested journalists would rely on the press release to write their own version of the story.

These days, press releases deliver on multiple levels for technology companies.

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Content Marketing Strategy

Recently, I found myself surfing the interwebs, as I often do, for a good read. Being a PR professional and an avid consumer of all types of media content, I started reading an interview with New York Times bestselling author Guy Kawasaki, where he offered his thoughts on content marketing, social media and a few other interesting topics. It’s a good read, but there was one statement in particular from the article’s author, Brad Miller, that really caught my attention.

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Press releases are the bread-and-butter of any company hoping to make a splash. They help showcase your latest product or service or show some cutting-edge research into the industry. More importantly, of course, journalists and analysts will cover the announcement. A good release can grow your brand awareness by getting your company’s name out there. That said, announcing your product is one thing and getting your target audience to read the announcement is another. With the right press release distribution channels, you can get a lot of people skimming the headline, but how can you encourage those impatient internet surfers to actually engage with the material?

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