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From crafting excellent, timeless content, to combining different mediums and materials and finally to distributing the content using the channels the intended audiences are most likely to use in order to achieve the desired impact, content marketing has evolved significantly in the past ten years, transcending various fields of human knowledge and talent.

Find below contributions from PR-ists and specialists ranging from starters and technical writers to seasoned and highly experienced specialists who have been shaping the public relations industry for more than 20 years. Head over to the content marketing agencies page if you’re looking for service providers.

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Storytelling in PR and Marketing

The importance of Storytelling in a PR and Marketing strategy

There is no doubt that telling a story appropriately has proven to be a powerful tool to conquer audiences. Brands that develop a well-constructed storytelling concept achieve a better market positioning by connecting emotionality with stakeholders,…
Modern Marketing

Technology Application in Modern Marketing

Traditional marketing tactics are geared towards achieving short-term objectives in many cases. Although direct mail and billboard advertising can still bring in new customers, they are no match for digital marketing in most cases when it comes…
5 Major Marketing Trends to Prepare for

5 Major Marketing Trends to Prepare for in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way businesses operate, and those who weren’t quick to adapt and embrace creative marketing solutions with innovative operational pivots were quickly sidelined by their competition. Months…
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The Simple Question of WHY

Applying the Golden Circle to Content Marketing Strategy This post was first published by Carrie Owens on Interprose’s blog, Interprose Voice. “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek, author, speaker,…
Content Marketing Strategy
Video camera

Keys to — and an Example of — a Memorable Product Promo Video

What makes a good promo video? Do you need a huge budget and a Hollywood film director to pull it off? The answer to the second question is a simple “no.” The answer to the first question is a pretty simple one, too. Triune Films is an independent…
SEO Hunger Games

How Social Media Can Help You Survive the SEO Hunger Games

Google has essentially become the Gamemaker of “The Hunger Games” and every piece of content is a Tribute trying to survive the search environment. With a sweeping change to the search engine’s algorithm, Google can instantly transform…
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LinkedIn Wants Your Content – Should You Give It To Them?

Over the past few months, you might have noticed a new kind of notification on LinkedIn that lets you know whenever someone from your network has published a blog post. These posts are stored directly on LinkedIn, so reading them is a pretty…
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How to Track Your Content Marketing Program’s Results

B2B content marketers have come a long way. They’re not writing as much “selfie” content anymore and they’re not writing unhelpful stuff, either. Sure, there might be a lot of repetitive articles for the sake of search engine optimization…
Content Marketing Strategy

What Does Algorithmic Curation Mean for Content Marketers?

In 2011, Eli Pariser, of advocacy group, gave a thought-provoking and popular TED Talk on the main stage that questioned whether the era of personalized information might have the counter effect of trapping each of us in our own unique…
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A Nod to the Podcast: Is Audio the Next Great Content Marketing Tool?

After years of listening to the same iTunes playlists and stale talk radio programs, I finally moved the purple podcast app on my iPhone from my "useless" folder (where Safari, Game Center, Compass and Apple Maps still live) onto my home screen.…
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Is Native Advertising Useful for B2B Brands? Yes, if complemented with great media relations, social media campaigns, SEO and content

At this point, you might have heard of native advertising as either a useful new marketing tool or an evil, corrupting influence. Whatever the case, there's no doubt that it's going to be a huge, oddly unifying force in the world of public relations,…